Living the current of love

Magdi Badawy, 02-11-2024

Lovely to see you.

So just for now,
simply welcome your experience as it is.
You’re welcome to either, close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward

and welcome your experience.

Meaning relax as being, as presence.

There’s nothing special that you need to do.
It’s a sort of Listening.
Being listening.
Being the listening space.

An open listening space
without anyone doing anything.

There is no effort required.

You are taken over by
the current of love.

The mind is quiet.

We are not interested in the past,
or in the future.

So for the duration of this meeting,
you don’t need to know what you are.

You don’t need any storyline about yourself
or about others, or about the world.

There is a current of love in being, in presence.
And you are this Current.

What appears to you Is enlightened by this current of love.

Your experience is in the now, which is not a point in time.

A Now that has no before and no after.

The eternal now,
which is the eternity of love.
The eternity of being, the eternity of awareness.

And your mind is expanded and dissolved
in this current of love,
in perfect harmony.

A thought may appear to you,
like a leaf that has fallen off the tree
onto the surface of the stream.
It appears, and then it disappears in the stream.

There is a stillness aspect to this current of love,
a sort of non-movement.

A steadiness.
An unshakable aspect.
And there is the manifest aspect, an expression of love.

When there is the recognition of love,
which is the recognition of your true self,
it is a silent recognition,
it is always fresh in this moment.

Because you are available,
because you are unburdened by psychological time.

Then there is a presence,
which bypasses the mind,
which knows itself as
this current of love and peace.

Free from the me-story,
not catering to the me-story.

You are drifting with the stream,
But you are the stream, you see!
Holding on to nothing,
it is not trying to accomplish anything,
and yet it is so alive,
gurgling, nourishing the fields.

You exist in the space between events,
between thoughts,
between perceptions
and events;
thoughts and perceptions exist within you.

When you are in complete surrender,
everything is the current of love.
In complete surrender.

There is no personal you,
no time.

All is well.

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