• Upcoming Satsang ❤️

    SUNDAY, June 23 @10:00 am PT~ Who is the thinker? Is there a thinker of thought?

  • Feelings: What are they? How to deal with them?

    But we all know that every now and then there’s a me that appears in this personal self. What is it? It seems to be very important when it arises, very significant. We cannot ignore it. We seem to be very familiar with it. This me. What is it? What is this me?

  • Our true nature is not a state

    Everything that you attain in time, you can lose. But that which you are, you do not attain nor do you ever lose.

  • Freedom from Identification

    Simply be, not knowing. Embraced by the mystery of being, embracing without knowing. So that you and the universe, you and everything are one. … It’s an alive availability, disponibility. And along this journey, we shed identities, we shed, we let go of identification. No sides, no camps. The message of love, the message of…

  • Freedom from the nagging feeling of dissatisfaction

    Magdi Badawy, 11-15-2022

  • Freedom from worries and concerns

    Magdi Badawy, 10-06-2022