How do we come around to be here?

Magdi Badawy, 04-28-2024

So welcome, everyone.

Is there too much glare in the image,
or is that okay?
So so.
I’m wondering.
Maybe Is this maybe a little bit better?
Not really.
Okay. Well…

Welcome yourself.
And yourself is the totality.

So in welcoming yourself,
you’re welcoming everything.

Without knowing it,
without, defining it,
without, categorizing it.

So it’s a sort of an open welcoming.
Without a goal,
without a personal purpose.

In such a welcoming,
there is an alignment
with our true nature.

Which is always open.
This borderless presence.

It’s an innocent presence;

And we are invited
to this peaceful awareness,
which is always on board,
always on.

And this entire dream of a human,
the human dream,
is about the understanding
about awareness.

Which is the understanding
about reality,
about truth,
about love.

It’s quite magical to be here,
meaning to be aware.

Because what is it
to be here
without awareness?

And that’s the big secret.

That which never leaves us.
That which is and cannot not be,
this ordinary awareness,
is the big secret.

And it reveals itself to itself,
whenever we are aware,
that we are aware.

It reveals itself to itself
when it is aware that it is aware,
and that it is
the only awareness in town.

And being the one and only,
changeless aspect.
And it is the one and only reality.

And this awareness
is not separate from you,
because it is you that is aware,
and you can only be aware
because you are awareness.

You couldn’t be aware
if you were anything else
than awareness.
If you were non-awareness,
\you couldn’t be aware.

So you’re aware because you are awareness.

And we are here to make this discovery
and to navigate deeper and deeper
within this understanding.

And as we navigate deeper and deeper
in this understanding,
the illusion of separation
dissolves in the understanding.

And this understanding
belongs to awareness,
belongs to you.

And the understanding
about awareness is only possible because
you are awareness and you know it.

You know awareness because you are it,
or else you could not understand it.

And awareness is love,
because love is non-dual,
and awareness is non-dual.
The absence of separation.

So whenever we love,
we recognize love,
we are recognizing wholeness,
we are recognizing oneness.

I recognize myself as yourself.

In this life,
each one of us
comes with a me-download;
so many versions of the same
belief in a physical material reality.

But we also come endowed
with intelligence and reasoning
and capacity for introspection
and contemplation.

Which is an important tool
for awakening
from the illusion of separation.

you perceive and
you experience is a composition.

Like an artist composes
various pieces of art, sculptures,
paintings, musical, symphonies.

And these perceptions,
these compositions,
they are constantly changing,
which is quite astonishing.

But awareness is the same,
the same transparent knowingness.

It is freedom.
Freedom from time and space.
Freedom from psychological concerns
and negative emotions.

It’s a brand new life.

This shift from
the personal self
to God’s Being.

You perceive all sorts of body-mind events.
But you are untouched.

your freedom,
your Being
is established in itself.

It’s not dependent
on the past,
or the future,
or on any condition.

The sensations and your body
are floating in the infinite space;
infinite Space of awareness.

Completely free, unbound.
There’s no personal will to
complicate things.

We are in harmony
with the Divine Will,
with the Universal Will.

Because we are completely not-knowing.

The simplicity of awareness.

I am,
and I know that I am.
How clear and how simple?

I don’t know what I am.
How freeing it is to
simply know oneself as being,
which is not conceptual.

It’s being,
knowing that it is,
and knowing that it knows.
It’s non dual.

It cannot be captured
in words or by the mind in any way.
There’s such freedom
and simplicity.

Because the mind complicates things,
when it comes to these matters.

How uncomplicated,
how simple,
how clear, and
how pure is a smile.

A giggle with laughter,
the feeling of warmth or coolness,
the absence of any resistance.

It is said that
the greatest secret
is hidden in plain sight.

The screen of awareness.
It is not hidden to itself.
It is always shining.

I know I’m aware.
How complicated is that?

Nothing missing.

Because in the now,
in presence,
there is no past and future.

There is
a wholeness,
a completeness,
a formless Totality.

It is always there.

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