In coming and going, we never leave home

Magdi Badawy, 05-07-2024

Hello everyone.

So in looking,
there is an inward looking.

In fact, it’s always inward.
Everything we perceive,
we perceive intimately.

We’re always perceiving
our own perception,
our own self,
our own creation.

And this perceiving precedes mind.
It is a silent,
formless perceiving,
which precedes mentation.
It precedes interpretation.
It precedes history.
It precedes time.

This intimacy is
like the intimacy of
the wave and the water.

There’s only one reality
which never, in fact,
leaves itself.

It is not possible
for you to leave yourself.

It is not possible
to separate yourself
from your experience.

In the mind
way of looking at things,
there is a me and a you.
There is an oak tree
and a palm tree.
There is day and night.

Multiple forms,
multiple thoughts.
The reality of which is 1,
the reality of being,
the reality of consciousness,

Which never leaves itself,
never, in fact, becomes
anything other than itself.

Because what the mind
refers to as me,
is, in fact,
the totality
the totality of consciousness
of I.

In your experience,
before the mind
structures your experience.
Your experience does not know
any separation,
does not know any division.

In coming and going,
you never leave home
because you never, in fact,
leave being.

You never leave
your true self,
your true nature,
your essence.

It is not possible for reality
to leave itself
and to become
other than reality.

When you contemplate
your experience without referring
to your past beliefs,
you will notice that the world unfolds
within you.
It unfolds to you,
like the breath appears to you.

The sound of these words
is a flow like a stream.
You are sitting on the shore.

Watching in complete intimacy,
the flow and you don’t move.
Nothing is happening to you.

You being
this transparent presence,
the reality which perceives.
You don’t come and go
as the days go by.

You are
the peaceful
which knows itself
to be this transparency.

Knows Itself to be this
aware awareness
beyond the words,
beyond mind,
beyond the labels.

When it comes to your true self,
there are no issues,
no problems,
nothing that is lacking,
nothing that you are seeking,
nothing that you are fearing.

Because you are complete and whole.
And it is this completeness and
this wholeness which is love,
which loves itself,
knows itself,
and shares itself in relationship,
not seeking anything from somebody else,
for a imaginary personal purpose.

It’s like the shining light,
shining light of being,
shining light of understanding,

Your understanding about the self.
Your understanding about being,
the understanding about presence,
the eternity,
that which is beyond time,
that which is beyond space,
that which never leaves itself,
that which I am and knows it is.

This formless reality.

So invite every aspect of your experience
to be blessed by this understanding,
to be released from imaginary constraints
and imaginary limitations.

Allow this vibration
which arises from the Source,
the absolute not knowing, being,
to take you home,
the home which is your very self.

Not in time.

Listen to the birds.
How beautiful,
how lovely
they sing.

The expression of
beauty and harmony.

Every expression,
fresh and

to be the voice of God,
God’s whisper.
How lovely.

So you can allow
whatever is unfolding,
whatever is seemingly appearing
to you,
to be,
to be as it is.

Not to be disturbed.

By your creation,
not to be moved at the core,
by the world-body-mind events.

To have that wisdom,
the discrimination,
between the movement
on the surface of the ocean
and the unmoved stillness of the ocean.

You are the unmoved,
the formless,
dancing within yourself
and to yourself
and from yourself,
dancing the dance of life
without being affected
by your dance.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 on Unsplash

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