Perceiving with the eyes of God

Magdi Badawy, 05-01-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So, welcome yourself
as this mysterious presence

Always available

This borderless openness
the mystery of being
the reality of being
not a story in time and space

But this vast effortless presence

Know yourself as that.
The reality which perceives
The reality which is.
Beyond that which is perceived
beyond thought
beyond memory.

Not defined by thought.
Not defined by belief.

Know yourself as that formless presence
which is aware.
Aware that it is
Aware that it is aware

Not a personal entity
Not an object
Not any particular form which is born
and exists in time

Rise to your true Self
To your high understanding

Everything which appears
the song of the birds
the gentle breath
thoughts and memories
bodily sensations
arise to this vastness
this aware vastness
which is you.

What is it to perceive
with the eyes of god?

With universal eyes?
Impersonal eyes?

What is it to be the universe perceiving?
What is it to be undefined, perceiving?

There are no borders
to such a perceiving
because it’s not in time.
It is in this eternal presence

Without any separation
God’s love is infinite.

Everything is loved equally
Like the sunshine
shines onto all the moons equally

It’s the same source
the same light
the same awareness.

The understanding that
everything is the self
everything is consciousness
everything is God
everything is love.

And we are that.
The expression of that.
And we express that.

We feel the love
the compassion
the understanding that the other is myself.

The understanding that
separation is an old download
a mind impression, which I identify with.

But it’s possible
to let go of this identification
to recognize everything as myself
there is no separation in our experience.

The fact that we use names
and forms, and concepts
does not mean that there is separation.

It’s simply a functional way of speaking.

So we can sink deeper and deeper
into not-knowing.

Not even knowing what, sinking deeper and deeper
in not-knowing is.

In truth, and
in love, and
in reality
we are one.

All is one.

And in this waking dream
so many opportunities
to live
to express, and
to manifest
this understanding.

Live it.

Invite yourself
for that understanding to live itself
and express itself
in your life
in your thinking
in your feeling
in your acting
in your perceiving.

So that you can live
according to God’s will.

You are that will.

The understanding that
you are
edgeless awareness.

This understanding is yours.
Not a passing thought
It is what you are
this formless reality.

And this body mind instrument
is your manifestation
to express and
to demonstrate this understanding.

Like the sunshine
demonstrates and
the light and the warmth
by its very nature.

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