How do I quiet the mind?

Magdi Badawy, 02-06-2024

Welcome, everyone.

So when it comes to consciousness,
there is no beginning, no ending.

Notice that the beginning of this meeting here now is
just a thought that
just appeared to you.
An appearance.

And you are always there, available;
available as this awareness.

Which has no beginning.
And, therefore, no ending.

That which has a beginning and an ending.
is something which appears to you.

You do not move.
There is no movement or
non-movement in consciousness,
it is beyond mind.

So for the duration of this meeting,
invite yourself to a deep letting go,
a deep not knowing.

No effort.
No personal intention.

Allowing things to be as they are.
And you are soaked
and soaking in presence.

Whatever that is.
Not Moving towards anything
or moving away.

There is no separation

There is no intention
to achieve anything,
to get anything,
to recollect anything.

Everything which appears to you
is a universal doing.

The heartbeat.
Your reflection of the light through the window.
There is no personal me, personal self anywhere.

There could be a me-thought,
but that’s just a reflection.

There are no borders to I
I, does not refer to the past or the future.
Does not refer to any object.

This borderless presence,
impersonal, of oneness,
invisible to the senses
is what we refer to as I.

It is everywhere and nowhere.
It is nothing and everything.

There is nothing at risk
when it comes to reality, your true self.

You’re not contained in the mind.
You’re not contained or defined by thought and sensation.

So you don’t need to refer to thought
or refer to sensation
when it comes to your true self.

You can distinguish between a thought
which is referring to a practical task,
which is needed for the body-mind;
and between the trickster-thought,
which refers to you as somebody,
as a person,
as a son,
a daughter.

Because in the understanding
that you are not contained in the mind
or known by the mind,
the power of the mind is weakened.

Because understanding liberates .
The belief that you are a limited entity is mind-stuff.

The belief that You are a body-mind,
born and existing in time and space is mind-stuff.

The mind appears to you.
You do not appear in the mind.

The clouds appear in the wide open sky,
but the wide open sky is not defined by the clouds.

Do not mistake yourself to be a personal entity
that is struggling with their personal mind.

There are no personal entities
outside of a narrative,
a mind-narrative.

How can my narrative struggle with itself?
A narrative is insignificant,
except when you are interested in playing
the role of being somebody in the narrative.

You put on the me outfit,
me and my past and my future,
my personal ambition,
my successes and failures,
the me-outfit.

And then we project others,
what others have done.
What will they do?
The judgments.

As soon as we become
personally engaged with the narrative,
the mind is cluttered.
The body is contracted.

But all of that it is just the internal weather of the moment.
You don’t need to rush in order to rescue the imaginary me.

Because consciousness is at peace.
It perceives no problems, no issues.

When you are that,
you are this formless awareness.

Which is peace,
untouched and unaffected by images on the screen.

Don’t be so dedicated to fixing
the psychological self.

Because then you become a fixer.

The images which appear on the screen
refer to the screen,
they point to the screen.

You don’t perceive the screen with the senses.
But where would the images be without the screen?

So you can invite yourself to the recognition
that you are this screen,
that you are the invisible presence.

The only reality.

And everything which appears to you
is simply the dance of this formless reality.

All is well in the deepest sense,
in the deepest meaning.
All is well.

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