Honoring truth

Magdi Badawy, 05-10-2024

Welcome, everyone.
Lovely to see you.

So we meet freshly every moment.
We invite ourselves to
to be
not in time
but in presence.

To meet each other
and to meet oneself

Available to whatever is unfolding,
trusting the intelligence,
which is universal intelligence,
which takes care of the galactic field,
which takes care of the sunshine,
gravity, and the heartbeat.

We trust that power,
which is behind our experience,
which is the source of our experience.

There is the understanding that
our thoughts are universal.

And that there is
no separate personal entity.

That reality, in fact, is 1,
the reality of being,
the reality of consciousness.

And we are available for this understanding.
That everything which unfolds
unfolds out of this formless reality,
this infinite creativity.

So in this moment,
we recognize that
we truly don’t know.

We are this vast oneness,
not knowingness.

Which is at peace with itself.

We have an intuition, and
we also have a glimpse
of the reality of consciousness.

Which reveals that I am not
somebody existing in time and space.

The revelation that I am the ocean,
and that all waves refer to the same reality.

This glimpse,
this understanding
about reality
reveals that I am you and you are I.

And that there is no separate reality
outside of this one reality,
which I am.

We cannot honor truth
without being truth or knowing truth,
which is absolute.

That our reality,
the reality of the world,
the reality of the mind are 1.

Lacking nothing,
seeking nothing.

Contemplating itself,
knowing itself as
that which contemplates and
that which is being contemplated.

So this not knowingness is also knowing.
It knows that it is.

And it knows
that it knows that it is.

But it does not know itself as an object.
It does not know itself as form.

But it knows it is
the creator of all forms,
the reality of all forms,
the reality of thoughts,
the reality of sensations and
worlds and universes
without being defined by its creation,
without being defined by thought or by perception.

And whenever you know yourself as an object,
as a limited entity, you are not honoring truth.

You are instead participating
in the stream of sorrow,
the sense of separation and limitation.

And whenever you turn your attention
to your understanding
about consciousness.
And you’re available to living
according to your understanding,
you are honoring truth:
expressing it,
living it,
manifesting it.

So in the process of honoring truth,
you do not give power
to old beliefs
about reality:
The belief that there is a material reality,
the belief that there is a mind reality,
apart from the reality of consciousness.

Rather you make yourself available,
to God’s light to shine through.

God’s light being the understanding,
that you are not the body mind
which you perceive.
You’re not defined by anything that you perceive.
You’re not defined by

Whenever you are struggling,
you are struggling on behalf
of an illusory entity
which you believe
yourself to be.

Remain open.
Remain not knowing,

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