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Magdi Badawy, 05-04-2024

So meditation is sort of relaxation.
So you’re, of course, sitting comfortably
or whether you’re sitting down or lying down,
whatever you’re comfortable,
and you can turn your
your look, your attention inwardly.

You can close your eyes if you like
or you don’t have to,
whatever works for you.

And welcome your experience
just as it appears to you.

Whatever thoughts appear to you,
whatever sensations appear to you,
let them be just as they are.

So we’re not trying to improve our experience,
and we’re not trying to attain any state.
We’re not trying to fix anything.

So allowing the universe,
allowing the body mind to be
completely free, free from
any direction,
any goal,
any objective.

So that you sink deeper and deeper
into presence,
into being,
into not knowing.

Because not knowing is an openness.
It is an availability,
a transparency,
which is the transparency of our true nature,
this borderless openness.

And in this openness,
everything is welcome
without judgment.
There is no resistance.

Everything which appears to you
appears effortlessly.
Like hearing these words.
Sensations in the body, the breath
appears to you effortlessly.

And you are this effortless presence.

In this moment there is
no past,
no future, there’s
no time.

The timelessness of Presence,
timelessness of awareness.

Everything is surrendered to God,
is surrendered to cosmic order.
That which moves the Galaxies,
that which makes a flower bloom,
that which makes the Sun shine.

You are not separate from that.
Your body mind is not separate
from the cosmos.

Sometimes we believe that there is
a personal thinker and a personal doer.
We believe that ‘I’ refers to a person
with a personal will.

But when we surrender this belief,
we realize that our will is a universal will
because the thoughts which appear to us,
they don’t come from a person,
they appear with an awareness
from a Source which is
invisible to the senses,
the Source which is beyond the mind.

When we are happy,
there is no separation.
There isn’t a me or a you,
there’s just happiness.

And we love that happiness
because happiness is love,
and love is happiness.

And in happiness there is
no personal concern.
There is a joy,


When this joy is a light in the tunnel,
a light in the darkness,
it tells us this is the right direction.
The right direction is
the direction
of happiness,
of love,
of freedom,
of joy.

And it is available to us
in the understanding that
we can trust,
we can trust God,
we can trust Reality,
we can trust the Source,
whatever it is that is orchestrating this dance,
we can trust that.

And release our personal identity.

It is always available to us
to welcome and trust.

There is
an inner wisdom,
an inner intuition.

Which tells us all is well.

In being still,
in being available.
In being nonjudgmental.

We let go of the personal story,
the ‘me’ story,
which is limiting.

The me,
this mistaken identity,
with time,
with the body,
with the mind,
is limiting, is unhappy.

So we can let it go,
we can explore
every moment.
A brand new,
brand new moment.
Every moment,
this aware presence.

It is not in time,
it is not repeating itself.

When the sun shines,
it is not repeating itself,
it is a fresh ray of sunshine.

When you smell a rose,
the smell of the rose is a fresh,
brand new, smell brand new perfume.
Every instant.

It’s a fresh instant
which is free from the past.
That is our true experience.

So we don’t need to drag on
past images and past beliefs.

When we meet each other,
we are meeting for the first time.
We have never met before.

It’s a fresh new,
brand new meeting.

And yet we are meeting ourself.
We are not meeting somebody else,
because we are always experiencing
ourself, our universal self.

Like 2 waves in the ocean.
They are the same water.
They appear to be 2 waves,
but they are 1 as water.

The Universe,
the World is not apart from you.

You could not perceive it,
if it was apart from you.

The very fact that that you perceive
points directly to your intimacy,
to your oneness.

Separation is just a belief.
When you believe in separation,
you manifest it,
you create it
in your mind as if it is real.

But it is not real
because reality is 1,
and in oneness, there is no separation.

This understanding must be yours.

You need to explore this understanding
in whichever way you explore it,
until it is your experience, your certainty.

Because if it’s not your certainty,
if it is not your experience,
it does not have much relevance.

Everything which appears to you
is made out of you.
You are
the creator. You are
the conceiver,
the creator, and
the perceiver as 1.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

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