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  • Am I what I imagine myself to be?

    Am I what I imagine myself to be?

    Listening without any references, without knowing. It’s a listening space, an aware space. And you are this awareness. You are this invisible reality, which has. no name, no age, no gender, no history, no past, no future. Complete freedom. The freedom of being, God’s freedom. You are that. Be as you are…

  • Living the current of love

    Living the current of love

    You are drifting with a stream abandoned. But you are the stream, you see! Holds on to nothing, it is not trying to accomplish anything, and yet it is so alive, gurgling, nourishing the fields. You exist in the space between events, between thoughts, between perceptions and events; thoughts and perceptions exist within you. When…

  • Practicing letting go

    Practicing letting go

    So whenever we are faced with an old pattern that arises within the body mind, we can explore letting go, simply being, rather than fixing. Be as you are…

  • Freedom from Identification

    Freedom from Identification

    Simply be, not knowing. Embraced by the mystery of being, embracing without knowing. So that you and the universe, you and everything are one. … It’s an alive availability, disponibility. And along this journey, we shed identities, we shed, we let go of identification. No sides, no camps. The message of love, the message of…

  • Did I choose to be in this life of conflict?

    Did I choose to be in this life of conflict?

    We are not an entity which is born and dies. All struggles are an inner struggle. It’s a struggle with our self. We’re not defending against the other, we’re defending against our very self. Which of course makes no sense, once we’re understanding this way. Be as you are…

  • Our True Universal Body,
    The Transparency of Being

    Our True Universal Body,The Transparency of Being

    So to start this meeting, if you could just turn your attention inwardly. And welcome the peace. The peace which is within our heart. The peace of being, which is one, one being. We are one as this peace, as this love. So welcome yourself as that. Allow things to be just as they are.…