Where peace, love and beauty meet.

Magdi Badawy, 05-12-2024

Welcome, everyone
Lovely to be with you.

And to be
to be as presence
without definition
without any stories
without a narrative.

Here we are
not knowing what we are
and yet knowing That we are
knowing that I Am
knowing that there is a reality
Knowing that I am not separate from this reality.

I am this reality.

There is something
rather than nothing.

So, welcome yourself
as That
That which is aware
that which is
and knows it is

All sorts of thoughts
and perceptions
and events
appear to you.

They may appear
as thoughts and
events in the body
events in the family
events in the world.

There is a place
where there are no events happening:
The heart
the center
the core.

That which we can
never move away from.

This awareness
this presence is neither male nor female.

It is alive
It is life itself.

And yet it is
not limited by life events.

We are so habituated
to limit our experience to the senses
to that which we perceive
to that which we experience.

And yet, there is that which experiences
that which perceives
which is not a perceived event
which is non-phenomenal.

Notice the space of awareness
within which hearing appears
This formless
borderless space.

Aware space
within which there are
no divisions
no separation
no edges.

You know yourself as that space.

Effortlessly, this aware presence
takes on the form of hearing
takes on the form of breath
takes on the form of thought

While remaining completely transparent
while remaining completely formless
while remaining shapeless.

It is Love.

It is freedom
unopposed beingness
It is peace
the complete absence of lack.

This appreciation
this awe
the sense of awe
Beauty in the world
beauty in nature.

And it is in your understanding
about reality
your understanding about consciousness
your understanding about your true self

It is within that understanding
and as that understanding
that peace
and beauty meet
and express themselves
and reveal themselves.

It is not via any mind activity
it is via the understanding.

So we make ourselves available
in every way that we know
available for the understanding.

We contemplate
the nature of things
the reality of our experience.

We align ourselves
with the cosmic harmony
We surrender all our beliefs.

Making ourselves available
for the highest understanding.

We relax our pursuits of
experiences and mind states.

We are gentle
in dealing
with the body
with the world
gentle in relationships.


We observe the river
the stream.

We get our inspiration from nature
The movement of the clouds.

What is it that does not move?

We contemplate that movement
refers to non movement.

Rather than struggling with things
we deal in a relaxed way.

Without attachment.

Every moment is fresh
brand new
Nothing is needed
we don’t need to carry over the past.

Learning takes place of itself
on its own
of its own.

Remain undefined.

Rather than contemplating lack
cultivate gratitude, appreciation.

Giving rather than taking
Receiving with no hands.

Relaxing your attachment to any destination.

Allowing the impression of time
to flow by
without perceiving yourself
without believing yourself
or feeling yourself
to be in time.

Because you are not in time.

Maybe the body is
the world is in time.

But you remain
as this timeless presence.

The wonder of awareness
can never be taken away from you

Whatever is meant to pass
will pass and is passing.

You remain.

This understanding is available to you
to visit and revisit and revisit
as you like to and as you need to.

And this is where
peace, and
beauty meet.

In your visit
visiting yourself.

Recognizing yourself.

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