The answer is within you

Magdi Badawy, 02-13-2024

Hello everyone.

Very lovely to be with you.

We are one.

We are one as reality
as being
as consciousness
as Love and tenderness.

We are whole and complete
lacking nothing.

So we can relax in this possibility
which is our reality.

There is no separation in God’s mind.

And this temporary life
is about this understanding.
The understanding of oneness
the understanding of our true being.

And the dissolution of the impression of separation
is that understanding.

It is always in this moment.
And so in this moment, we surrender.
We let go without knowing
and without the need to know
without an objective
without a goal.

Freedom from any destination.
Being the destination
Without a destination.

So whatever appears to you
let it float in the space
Give it its complete freedom.

No resistance
No barriers
No agenda

Be like a sponge
Whatever is retained
whatever is absorbed
is done effortlessly.

You are not separate from the totality
You are not separate from the universe.

This aware presence
that right now hears these words
has no name, no age, no gender
no nationality, no history.

Look at children
How innocent

How beautiful they are.

Your reality is childlike
The joy of being.

Whichever way the mind formulates it
we are all looking for peace and happiness
We are looking for the causeless Peace
The peace of being.

Which is not the result of any activity or any situation
Which is not the fabrication of the mind.

It is not temporary
It relies on nothing
It stands on its own.

Peace and happiness
is not a mind state
or a sensation, or a memory.

So when you drop the past and the future
and you suspend the conceptual mind
When you do not rely on anything
you do not disappear.

There is That which remains
That which remains is the true you.

Nothing ever happens to reality
Nothing ever happens to the true you.

You need to come to complete clarity about that.

The understanding that you, meaning I
the reality which perceives right now
is non-phenomenal.

And that You
this formless self
invisible to the senses
this aware presence
is the answer to your questions.

It is this deep, still, silent presence
where the mind is completely
silent and still and not knowing.

And yet you know yourself
by being yourself.

You know yourself as being the Self.

Sometimes we say the answer is in you
but it’s more appropriate to say that the answer is you.

You are the question and the answer.

Because the question arises from the answer.
When the answer arises
from the same place where the question arose.

Like a mirror reflecting its own image.

You don’t need to get entangled
in whatever appears to you.
You can let it be.

Without measurement
without keeping track of successes and failures
Dropping that evaluative measurement aspect of the mind.

Because peace is in presence
in stillness, in this effortless awareness.

So over and over
return to the Source
Which you are.
This non-movement, effortlessly.

This relaxation in being
soaks into you
as you soak into it.

Without any attachment
without any goal
without forming conceptual structures and stories.

Stories are just for your amusement.
They’re not for your understanding.

The revelation of yourself
doesn’t come through the front door

It comes through the backdoor
When you least expect it.

This freedom from expectation.

And yet we do the work of inquiry
And living the understanding.

That is the preparation of the house.

We keep looking at the front door
but God comes through the backdoor.

And reveals to you that
Thou are I.
I is thou.

We’ve never been apart.

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