Practicing letting go

Magdi Badawy, 01-30-2024

Hello everyone.
Lovely to see you, to be together.

So we’ll have a guided meditation
for the first part of this meeting,
and then you are welcome to explore
whatever questions you may have.

So be open.
Welcome your experience,
whatever appears to you.

Whatever thoughts, images, memories, sensations;
whatever appears to you, be impartial,
open, welcoming, allowing.

you are relaxed.

Allow every moment to be fresh.
New, without knowing.

As Presence, all is well.

No need to do anything.

You and the Universe are one,
movement and stillness.

As we relax more and more into Presence,
all there is, is this relaxation,
without anyone doing anything,
a sort of cosmic surrender.

Nothing is being sought,
ordered, avoided, resisted.

It is not necessary.

In this open space of awareness
we can effortlessly notice some tendencies
which may arise to defend, to protect,
to safeguard, to maintain, to repeat,
and to define.

On behalf of whom
do we engage in these strategies?

There is no need.
We may come to the understanding
that all these strategies are
trying to maintain a ‘me’ story,
trying to protect
what I imagine myself to be,
what I imagine is valuable.

But Awareness, Presence, Consciousness
has no need for any protection.
It is not seeking a temporary body-mind experience,

because consciousness is effortless.
It is peace.
It is love and beauty.

So we notice these tendencies,
which is really beautiful to notice.
And simply stay with the noticing;
the vastness of noticing.

Without a personal objective.

There is love in noticing.
Without intention.

Maybe one could say the intention is love.

So letting go is simply not engaging
with the psychological stuff which appears to us;

not to engage in thinking, analyzing,
defending, protecting ourself.

Because it could be that
these tendencies that arise to us
are only meant to maintain you
as a separate entity.

You as somebody who has problems.

Because you as somebody,
a limited personal entity,
the personal history.

It’s not what you are.

Because you are the aware presence,
the Awareness which perceives,
perceives thoughts and sensations.

And that perceiving element,
the perceiving aspect,
is your reality.

Because nothing is possible without awareness,
without knowing this,
without the perceiving aspect.

In this moment you know you are.
I know I Am.

There is no need to add anything to that?

There is no need to add the history.
There is no need to add anything to ‘I am’

You are Beingness,
being is your true nature.
Being knows it is.

I know I am.
And I know I am aware.

Because Being and Awareness are one,
they’re not two.

When the world is not separate from you.

So whenever we are faced with
an old pattern that arises
within the body mind,
we can explore letting go,
simply being,
rather than fixing.

Simply being;
to have the courage and the perseverance
to be completely surrendered
without knowing,
without any story.

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