No need to escape the eternal Now

Magdi Badawy, 02-04-2024

So welcome everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.
Just a couple of words that there will be a brief guided meditation, which would be followed by whatever questions you want to explore.

So Just for now, if you can,
turn your attention inward,
turn your gaze inward.

You’re welcome,
to close your eyes or not as you feel.

And, welcome your experience
without defining it.

Simply Be not-knowing.

you don’t need the past
and for the duration of this meeting,
you can let go of any objective,
any goal, any destination.

So that the mind can come to rest.
And presence,
your very self,
your essential nature
can reveal itself.

Whatever appears to you
appears out of the universe,
There is no one doing anything.

Notice the heartbeat.
The gentle breath.
Sensations within your body.

There are no divisions.

It is one flow.
One moment,
which is arising in the stillness
and out of the stillness.
Like waves arise out of the ocean.

Experiences, meaning thoughts,
sensations and perceptions,
arise out of that which is
beyond any movement,
beyond any arising.

So you can invite yourself,
invite the mind to sink deeper and deeper
into Being.
Without any structure.

In being and
as being,
as presence,
there are no issues.

No problems.
Nothing to attain or avoid.

Because avoiding and attaining
and seeking are in time.
While presence, awareness is not in time.

The me-narrative is in time:
what happened to me,
my family,
my relationships,
my past,
my future.

The me-narrative is in time,
meaning in thought, mentation, in sensation.
But you, the real you,
the reality of consciousness, of awareness,
the reality which in this moment perceives,
that which is and knows it is,
that knowingness, that beingness is not in time.

The time appears to you as memories and thoughts.
The world appears to you as images.
The body appears to you as sensations.
But you do not appear.

And yet, you, I, is undeniable.
All sorts of things happen
in the world,
the body,
the mind.

10 year old body mind is different
from the 20 year old and from the 30 year old.
The world 20 years ago and the world today.

But that which Is the reality of this moment of I,
of consciousness, of being,
that does not change.

The wide open sky remains as it is,
irrespective of the shape and the size
of the clouds which appear within it.

Essence is eternal.

The conditioned mind believes that I exist
within the narrative that
I am a man,
a woman,
I’m somebody,
I’m a person
existing in time and space.

And based on this model,
the reality of consciousness,
the reality which is and perceives,
is overlooked.

It appears as if something is happening to you.
You being this character in the dream.
But you are not, in fact, a character in the dream,
because you are viewing the dream.

You are aware.
And awareness is not something in the dream.
It’s the other way around:
The dream is something in awareness.

The dance of awareness.
Within itself,
from itself and
to itself.

The now refers to formless awareness.
It does not refer to a point in time.
It refers to the eternity of being.

Impersonal, universal being,
which never leaves itself to become something.

Because the now is infinite,
Being is infinite.

Reality is non-finite.
It has no opposite.

There is no opposite to reality.
Being is and non-being is not
and has never been and can never be.

Whatever seems to be finite,
is just a conceptual impression.

In ignorance,
the mind believes that this
conceptual impression of objects is real.

And as the mind is deluded by this belief,
the belief in limited forms and limited things and limited realities,
the body-mind feels limited,
contracted, material,
mortal, phenomenal.

There is a liberating understanding.
The understanding about our true nature, our true self.
Understanding about one reality,
and that I, this aware presence, is real.

Consciousness is real,
when it is non-phenomenal.

And it is the reality of our experience,
the reality of the world-body-mind.

It is important to recognize this understanding,
to explore this understanding,
and to test this understanding
in your thoughts,
in your perceptions,
in your actions,
in your life,
in your body.

With perseverance and patience,
and love and kindness.

Making yourself available
for the understanding to live itself
in your life,
in your mind,
in your body.

You have to be willing to suspend the habitual mind
when it’s not needed
and to use it when it’s needed
to drive to the market and buy the groceries.

But to suspend the me-mind, the psychological me-mind.
It is not needed for the celebration of life.

Our love for truth and
our thirst for freedom
and understanding
is precious.

The greatest
offering is the
offering of yourself.

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