The mind is not you

Magdi Badawy, 01-23-2024

Hello, everyone.

Lovely to see you
and to be with you.

It is quite magical to be,
to be aware,
to perceive,
to comprehend.

So magical.

We perceive thoughts,
we perceive the world.
we perceive sensations,
the body, the heartbeat.

It’s so amazing.
The fact of awareness,
that we know that we are;

whatever that is,
this self knowingness.

And the discovery of peace,
this causeless inner peace,
that is beyond the mind.

Experiencing myself as presence,
as no particular one,
but as effortless presence.

There are no obstacles,
no barriers and
no limits
when it comes to presence.

No stories.
And there are no disturbances.

And the precious understanding
that the mind, the world appears to you.

But you do not appear,
and yet you are undeniable.

You do not appear as a body.
A body appears to you.

You do not appear as someone,
a train of thoughts…
Thoughts appear to you.
Images, memories, bodily sensations,
because they go hand in hand,
thoughts and bodily sensations.

They appear like clouds appearing in the wide open sky.

The sky does not attempt to change the shape of the cloud.
It is completely unaffected, unconcerned.

Irrespective of what appears on the screen,
you are not defined by the conditioning of the body-mind.

There’s no need to hold on to anything.
Anything that you hold on to limits you
and prevents you from the freedom of being
and the vastness of being.

It is not wise to take your directive
from the psychological mind, because
the psychological self beliefs that you are limited.
And keeps whispering in your ear
that you are a limited mortal entity.

The more you go along,
the more you play this game of
being a limited and separate entity
the more confusion there is
in the mind, in the body.

So rather than taking our directive
from the conditioned mind,
we remain not-knowing.


Because our true nature is openness itself,

At the core of being,
there is silence and stillness and peace,
which is your true self.

The body-mind-instrument
is programmed for survival and for procreation.

But that has nothing to do with you,
because you are the reality of the body-mind.

So in the midst of activity, there is a stillness.
And that stillness is for you to discover and to own,
to recognize this stillness to be your very self, your true self.

And not to mistake yourself for a movement or an activity.

This understanding is always available to you
because it is
your reality. It is
your very being,
your very self,
is that silent stillness,
which takes on the form of this conversation,
takes on the form of thought
and takes on the form of the world;
like music arises out of silence,
the vibration of silence.

So you can Invite every sensation
that appears to you right now,
whatever appears to you right now,
to complete not-knowing,
complete surrender,
in deep restfulness.

Not touching anything,
not trying to do anything.

And yet,
being everything and nothing.

No past,
no future.
Just this open,
borderless awareness, presence.

Seeking nothing,
expecting nothing,
holding on to nothing.

Not trying to improve anything,
or attain a goal.

No need to maintain any image about yourself.
Because you are not an image.
Images appear to you,
but you are not an image.

A thought may appear to you;
appears and disappears within you, to you.
And it doesn’t know anything about you,
although it may claim that it does;
but you know better,
because you are that which is
and knows it is;
that which perceives
and knows it perceives
and knows that it is not an object
because objects do not perceive.

You are not a body-mind.
The body-mind is not you.

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