The liberating understanding about reality

Magdi Badawy, 06-26-2024

Hello everyone.

We welcome our totality
This open, effortless awareness
which is always welcoming.

and perceiving simultaneously.

We are this effortless presence.

We know ourselves as I
Before knowing ourselves as I am somebody.

So we welcome ourselves
as this beingness
Free from the impression
of past and future.

Because the past and the future
appear to you
And whatever appears to you
does not affect you
does not define you
except when you want it to do so.

But for right now
we welcome ourselves
without any definition
Without imagination
without mentation.

Simply being-not knowing.
This not knowingness knows itself to be
it knows itself as peace
the peace of being.

Everything which appears to you is a flow
dream like
it has no significance of its own
outside of pointing you to yourself
the reality which is and which perceives.

the changeless aspect of your experience
is consciousness, awareness.

The formless, invisible knowingness
the intelligence
The only true doer, thinker, decider
is you, this consciousness, this awareness.

Which is completely free
because freedom belongs to consciousness.

And in its freedom
it manifests as various expressions
as various perceptions
as various thoughts

And it plays the creative game
in so many different ways.
It plays a game of veiling itself from itself
Believing itself to exist in time and space.

Existence is its creation
but it is not its reality
Your reality is not the narrative
that you imagine.

Your reality is not
personal feelings and
personal mind states.

As you get glimpses
glimpses of understanding
about your reality as consciousness
your formless self
you find yourself less and less subject
to personal thoughts and beliefs
free from the sense of lack
free from the various negative emotions.

So rather than referring to yourself
as a person, a mother, a father, a man, a woman
know yourself as this borderless awareness

You perceive bodily sensations
the breath
you perceive thoughts, images.

You are the perceiver
decider in chief.

There is nothing which is
separate from yourself
So there is nothing at stake.

You are meant to know yourself.
Not as a personal entity
not as a bundle of memories
and sensations
but to know yourself directly.

As the reality
the formless beingness
invisible to the senses

borderless, universal.

You look out there
for your happiness
in various situations and using various means
while all along you are that freedom
You are the creator and perceiver
You are the freedom you seek.

The body mind appears to you
but you are not the body mind
which you perceive.

You are the light of awareness within
shining throughout the kingdom.

You shine because it is that
which you are
the shining light of consciousness.

There’s nothing which you need to do
in order to be that which you are.

And yet whenever you veil yourself
via the mind, via beliefs, and thoughts
you veil yourself from yourself
But not really.

When you engage in your creation
as a personal self
you experience the sense of impending doom
the sense of lack
worries, and concerns
which are unhappy.

Deep down
you’re not interested in unhappiness
although you do play the game of unhappiness
deep down you’re not interested.

You are not interested in the remaining
trapped in the cocoon
you are the butterfly.

The only reality there is
Everything you perceive is yourself.

One self.

Do not make a big deal
out of what appears to you
what appears in your body
what appears in your mind.

Let it be.
There’s no issue
from the perspective of reality
from the perspective of consciousness
there are no issues.

That understanding
is available to you,
it is yours.

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