Recovering the innocence of our childlike nature

Magdi Badawy, 05-24-2024

Welcome everyone.
Lovely to see you, to be together.

A reminder that this meeting,
will start with a brief guided meditation
and followed by whatever questions
you may want, to explore.

So you’re welcome to rest whether you want
to close your eyes or turn your gaze inward
and welcome the still presence.
Welcome yourself.

Welcome your experience
just as it appears to you,
an open welcoming.

Allow things to be as they are.
Whatever thoughts appear to you,
whatever, bodily sensations appear to you,
you don’t need to do anything.

You don’t need to fix anything,
improve anything, solve anything.

You don’t need to figure anything out.

Be available to the stillness,
the silence,
this ordinary awareness,
which is peace.
The causeless peace.

One could say the universal peace,
which we are not, separate from.
Awareness is effortless,
it is simple, pure,

Like the mind of a baby without any complications.
Each moment is brand new,
completely fresh.

It’s as if we are reborn moment by moment.
Everything which appears to you
appears to you within this stillness,
this still presence.

Which is not affected by whatever it perceives.
You are not subject to that which you perceive,
except when we choose to be affected.

When we choose to be
a character in the dream.

When we choose to be a body-mind entity,
when we choose to identify
with a narrative about myself.

But in this moment,
in this meditation,
we don’t need to identify with anything.

A clean slate,
like a newborn child in mother’s arms.

Has not yet identified.
Completely trusting without knowing
what it is trusting.

Cradling mother’s arms
and the warmth of her body,
the safety.
Without any concept about safety.

The body-mind is born out of this beingness.
It’s made out of it.
This universal trust.

Somehow, all what is needed
is there, available.
The mind is peaceful and unconcerned.

That is what we love.
This innocence is our true self.
This deep,
deep sense of freedom and love,
which hasn’t yet been conceptualized,
and yet it’s there.


We are this innocence,
this borderless presence,

This is-ness which knows that it is
and is content in this knowingness.

Time dissolves in this.
The past and the future,
just images on the screen.
Like the passing clouds in the wide open sky.

Like, ripples on the surface of the stream or the pond.

In movement,
but the pond does not move.

The bliss of being
with your true self.

Which is this ordinary,
nondual awareness.

Which expresses itself in our life
as love and and joy and happiness.

As love, we are childlike.
There is no separation in love.

We recognize everything
to be myself and everyone,
to be this one.

And this love does not hold on to anything,
it simply shines like the sun shines,
has no agenda.
It’s not trying to fix anything or improve anything.
It simply, by its very nature shines.

It’s not trying to save the world
or fix any problems.

And it is possible for us
to live with this understanding.

The understanding that I am
this borderless presence,
this aware presence.
And that the body-mind is in mother’s arms.

Whatever it is that manages the world,
manages the day, the night,
the rotation of the earth
and the galactic field,
the Milky Way,
gravity, the tide,
the blooming of a rose.

Whatever it is that manages the heartbeat,
the breath takes care of the body-mind,
provides what is needed.

You don’t need to separate yourself
from this universal field
and experience yourself alone.
That’s not a happy download.

It’s so easy to trust mother’s arms
when we’re a baby,
and yet it seems challenging
to trust God’s arms when we are adults.

But the invitation is there,
and we recognize the invitation,
and there is a sufficiency
to the recognition of this invitation.

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  1. So beautiful 😍 the innocence as the wonder of being and the magic of the unknown
    Thank you very much Magdi and Holger

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