Our true nature is not a state

Magdi Badawy, 05-19-2024

Hello everyone.
Lovely to see you.

So welcome yourself,
Simply relax into being.

Welcome the breath.
The subtle vibrations of the body.

No need to engage in any activity.
It’s more resting into being.

And this resting is not something that you do.
It is what you are.

All activities,
and bodily sensations,
they appear within this effortless presence.

This presence has no beginning and no ending.
It is not a movement.
It is peace.

The Universal Peace.
Impersonal peace.
Cosmic peace.

It is
our true home,
our truth,
our reality,
our essence.

So we are available for this peace,
as it reveals itself.

Like the sun shines as light.
Our being shines as peace.

The foundation of existence
is this peace,

And this entire existence
is about the understanding
of our true nature.

And revelation of peace
as our true self.

Peace is absolute.
There are no degrees
or variations
or levels
or states
within this peace.

Our true nature is not a mind state.

Because mind states are perceived,
they are experienced.

But our true nature is not something you experience,
it is that which you are.

Mind states come and go.
They are mind impressions.
They can be remembered and forgotten.
They can be appreciated or not.

But your true nature is that
from which you can never step away.
You cannot step away from yourself.

Everything that you attain in time, you can lose.
But that which you are,
you do not attain nor do you ever lose.

That which you are is not phenomenal.
It’s not a phenomenal experience.
It’s not a feeling,
or a bunch of sensations,
or memories
or a complex set of narratives.

That which you are is none of that.
Reality, being is not a narrative.

You may recollect the narrative about
your body mind,
your family,
your tribe,
your home,
your history,
the history of your body,
the history of your community.

But whatever you recollect
is just perceptions.
It does not refer to your reality.
It does not refer to that which you are.

And in order to be your true self knowingly,
you need to be clear about the veils,
which mislead you.

The beliefs and the feelings
that you are a narrative,
that you are a storyline,
that you’re a person,
a female body mind,
which, in time,
gets old and insignificant.

You need to come to clarity that
although you are perceiving
and managing
your world,
your body
and mind,
doing your best with that.
But you are not defined
by thoughts,
perceptions, and

You are not defined by the world body mind.
This veil, the veil of identification
must be lifted,
inquired into,
and released.

It makes no sense for you to spend your whole life
trying to improve your world, body, mind,
which you know that the candle is gonna be extinguished.

That should not be your primary primary aim.
Your primary aim should not be
your life,
your family,
your job,
your body,
your health.

It’s a sideshow.
It’s just a vehicle and a playground.

Of course, you do your best
to enjoy the playground,
but not at the expense of your freedom.

Your happiness does not depend,
should not depend,
must not depend on external conditions.

You may at time
have a glimpse of your true nature.

Which may have quite an impact on your body mind,
but it is not the impact on your body mind which matters.

It is the revelation or the understanding
that was delivered by the glimpse
which matters.

And the glimpse
into reality,
into truth,
into your true nature reveals
the infinity,
the eternity, and
the universality of consciousness, and
the illusory nature of separation.

Any understanding about truth is a glimpse.
The understanding that there is one reality.
Understanding that awareness or consciousness is real,
not subject to time and space.
The the understanding that I refers to this consciousness,
that I refers to this reality.
I does not refer to a female body mind or a male body mind.

We confuse I – awareness – with personal body mind, personal story.
Confuse consciousness with a stream of
thoughts and
sensations and
feelings and

As a result,
we experience a sense of lack and fear of ending,
worries and concerns:
What’s gonna happen next?
What am I going to do next?
Where am I going?
Where am I coming from?
What’s gonna happen to me?

That is due to a mistaken identification.
We experience the sense of
limitation and
and we struggle to resolve that,
to be free, and to experience
the joy which we know,
the happiness which we know.

And via grace, we may get a glimpse that
this happiness is not available to us in the mind,
or in the body, or in the world,
that we need to turn our gaze inward to the Source,
and discover the happiness which is the source itself,
the reality which is, which perceives.

This reality is not phenomenal,
that you are that, a nonphenomenal,
formless, aware presence, reality
which knows and perceives and hears and understands.

You are magical.

Then we can live freshly every moment,
discovering ourself
in everything,
in every relationship,
in every sensation,
in every perception.

The wonder of wonders.
And you recollect this understanding,
is available to you:

I am not
a father,
a mother,
a son,
a daughter.

Everything that I perceive,
that I experience belongs to the universe.
My reality is the reality of consciousness,
awareness, presence, being.
The other is myself.

There’s nothing I need to hold on to.
Nothing is missing, nothing is lacking.
The body appears and disappears within myself.
I neither appear nor disappear.

This is for you to understand.
You have received the invitation.

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