The universe does not stand apart from you. Feel it. Be it.

Magdi Badawy, 07-07-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So simply rest,

Relaxing the habitual tendency
to try to figure things out.
And the habitual tendency to do something.

So for the duration of this meeting,
do nothing.
Allow your attention
to rest in its source.

Without wandering
in the past or the future.

So that all activities are
in the space of awareness,
in pure being.

Notice whatever appears
to you without labeling it.
Without memory.

Notice that everything
you’re experiencing right now
– hearing these words,
the sensations within your body –
may appear at zero distance
from yourself.

meaning the reality
which is
which perceives
the knowingness.

The formless
without any reference to the past,
without any reference to
any narrative about your experience.

Everything which appears to you
appears as you
in complete intimacy.

There is nothing in your experience
which is apart
from consciousness,
from your reality,
from you.

we may conceive
of our self
as the body,
sitting at home,
and the world is conceived
to be out there.

But when you suspend
the conceptual mind,
and rest as presence,
as awareness,
everything is yourself.

There is no in here
and out there,

You are everything.
Without being a thing.

The storyline about your life
is not the storyline about you.
It is the storyline about your body-mind,
the family of the body-mind,
the body-mind events.

Because you
have no narrative,
you have no history.

The body-mind has a history,
whatever that means;
but you don’t.

The body-mind is
separate from the mountain
or the river,
but not really.

The water of the river
and the elements of the river
are the same motor of this body,
the same elements.

To make conceptual distinctions
only serves in a limited way,
in a practical way,
but does not refer to reality.

So feel yourself
as this vastness.

Allow the imaginary borders
to dissolve.
Feel your breath,
filling the entire universe.

Notice and feel it,
that there is no separation experientially.

Be not knowing.
Feel the vastness,
the stillness.

You are the entirety,
the totality.
There’s nothing
which is apart
from yourself,
your true self.

Feel it.
Make it your experience,
not just words you are hearing.
Without referring to the mind,
without referring to the past.

You are this vastness.
This universal presence.

So if you have any questions,
anything that you would like to explore.

Photo by Scott Lord on Unsplash

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