Viveka – A meditative contemplation with Magdi

Magdi Badawy, 03-27-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you all.

So welcome
welcome yourself.
Welcome your experience.

As it is, as it seems to be.

It doesn’t matter much what’s appearing
on the screen when you recognize yourself
as this effortless presence.

Not as an image on the screen,
not as a stream of thoughts
and memories and mind activities.

But as this formless presence,
which is your true self,
which is the the only self,
the only reality which
appears to itself and from itself
as world-body-mind.

So invite yourself to this simple recognition
that this ordinary awareness is extraordinary.
That it is your reality,
that it is the peace,
the peace that knows itself,
seeks itself, and finds itself in this moment,
which is not a moment in time,
beyond words, beyond time.

That is the welcoming.

Whatever appears to you
appears to you effortlessly.
There is nothing that you do or need to do.

In simply being, in pure being,
in the the simplicity of being,
in the effortlessness of being,
you are that.

You are that beingness.

So you can invite your body-mind,
invite your experience to rest.

Notice the gentle breath.
Various sensations in your body.

Whatever thought may appear to you,
you can let go of the past for now.
Meaning to be not-knowing or to simply be.
Notice how being or awareness knows it is.

Reality is self knowing.

Without any mind activity.

I am, and I know that I am
directly without needing to refer
to the past or the future,
without needing to refer to anything,
anything phenomenal.

And presence, which is peace,
is always available to us.
It’s available to us since we are that.

The world-body-mind is a movement,
a sort of flow.
The flow of thinking and sensing and perceiving.

And this flow appears
in that which does not move.

And you are that,
the eternal aspect,
the non-movement aspect,
which takes on the form of movement
within itself and from itself and to itself
without ever becoming a movement.
That is the paradox that
the reality of movement does not move.

Out of habit,
we refer to ourself in a phenomenal manner.
We refer to ourself as a body-mind:
a son, a daughter, a person.
We refer to ourselves via the past.

And the body-mind get engaged in activity.

Trying to figure out how we can secure safety
for that imaginary character.

And then suddenly, we realize
oh, I am not what I believed myself to be.
I am not a body-mind conglomerate that I perceive,
that my children are not my children.
They’re the children of this body-mind,
that my mother and father are not my mother and father.
They’re the parents of this body-mind.

In this glimpse I recognize myself,
my true self.

To be the formless awareness
and not a vehicle,
not a body-mind instrument.

This habit may be a little difficult to kick,
the habit of being somebody, but that’s okay.

There is no rush.
Noticing is not in a hurry,
she doesn’t have an appointment.

There’s no schedule
because it’s always now.

Now meaning it’s always awareness.
Taking on the form of a thought, a sensation,
taken on the form of life and family,
world events, and it’s all awareness.
It’s all formless
and real as awareness,
as consciousness.

So all these contractions
that were stored in the body-mind,
slowly and gently release and relax,
liberate themselves,
or are liberated from the me-belief
and the me-feeling.

And we learn to distinguish,
to discriminate the viveka
between that which is and cannot not be
and that which comes and goes.

When we refer to ourself as a body-mind,
we are referring to ourself as
that which comes and goes.

But I refers to that which does not come and go.
There is a discrimination that is essential,
in order for our innate freedom to reveal itself in its totality.

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