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The causeless peace of being

Magdi Badawy, 03-21-2024

Hello everyone.
Lovely to see you.

Always a meeting of love.
Meeting ourself.
Meeting each other as one.

Which is peace.

We meet each other freshly.
We meet every moment, every instant, freshly.

A relaxation, an effortless availability.

And in this availability there is intelligence.
There is noticing,
noticing what’s appearing to us.
What’s appearing to us from within,
and what’s appearing to us through the senses.

And we are available for a harmonious meeting
of the inner and the outer.

And we know this harmonious meeting,
this harmony as peace and happiness.

Dealing with the situations which appear to us,
without any disturbance, inner disturbance,
without the peace being disturbed.

Like a leaf falls off the tree carried by the wind,
whichever way the wind blows.
A dance with nothing at stake, no issue.
A sort of art, universal art,
the universe being the artist,

And we are not apart from the universe.
So we are the artist and we are the art.

Moment by moment.

Being internally no one,
no separate one, no separate entity,
knowing ourself as being,
not as a personal history.

Unidentified with the history of the body-mind.
We know ourself as this effortless,
transparent presence.

The mind comes to rest.

There is an openness.
The body is relaxed
and gently releases the past
which is stored in the body.

All is well.

I am without any need to define myself in any way.
And in the absence of self-definition,
I am everything and nothing,
because moment by moment
this presence never leaves.

And everything which appears appears
within this presence.
And everything which appears to this presence,
appears within this presence as this presence
is perceived in the same instant.

And so there is nothing real outside of consciousness,
outside of your true self.

And the peace of this moment is the peace of being.
And there is a complete sufficiency within this peace.
No one seeking anything.
No one grasping.

So the mind and the body are transparent
to everything which appears.
Without any argumentation.

Thoughts appear to you,
they appear within the space of awareness
and dissolve within that space.

A flow, a gentle flow.
Nothing fixed and rigid.

Awareness does not move.
Is not going anywhere.

You are this awareness,
aware that it is aware.

The world-body-mind is your playground.
And can serve in your contemplation:
the challenges which may appear to you
are gifts which serve you to notice
the mistaken identification as a separate entity.

They guide you in the right direction,
which is the direction of understanding,
understanding about the self,
about the functioning of the mind
and the reality of consciousness.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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