Am I what I imagine myself to be?

Magdi Badawy, 02-22-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you and to share
the peace and
the love and
the friendship.

So for the first half of this meeting,
we will have a guided meditation,
and then we can have a question and answer.

So just for now, rest as you are.
Welcome your experience
without making any reference
to the past or to the future.

Whatever appears to you
appears out of the universe,
out of god, out of the totality.

There is nothing you need to do for now
during this meeting.

Simply be.
Effortless being.
An open listening.

Listening without any references, without knowing.
It’s a listening space, an aware space.

And you are this awareness.
You are this invisible reality, which has
no name,
no age,
no gender,
no history,
no past,
no future.

Complete freedom.
The freedom of being,
God’s freedom.
You are that.

How lovely it is to be.
And at the same time,
a bird hops from branch to branch.

The wind.
The heartbeat.
The sunshine.

No separation.
Everything we experience is the manifestation of
this one invisible, formless reality.

Which is and cannot not be.

It is this very reality which
imagines itself to be somebody,
imagines itself to be a human body,
a female body, male body.

It does so
out of its freedom and
out of its creativity,
out of its sense of play.

It is this very reality
which is second to none,
which knows itself,
that plays the game of hide and seek
to itself, from itself,
without ever becoming
a separate self, a separate entity.

Like in a night dream.
You imagine yourself to be somebody
in the dream, traveling from country to country.
Meeting all sorts of people.
Experiencing all sorts of events,
while, in fact, you are not inside the dream,
you are dreaming this dream.

the self reality,
which is eternal, infinite,
imagines itself to be born, to be an entity.

Creates the mind.
All sorts of thoughts and beliefs.

But you are not the mind.

We perceive thoughts, sensations.
You perceive the world.

But you are not in the world.
You are not in that which you perceive,
you’re not inside the perception.
You are the perceiver.

I refers to this oneness, invisible reality.
Do not mistake yourself
to be inside a narrative,
to be inside a cocoon.

Do not mistake yourself to be somebody you perceive,
something you experience.

When you turn your attention to the source,
meaning the reality which perceives right now,
you realize that I, the reality which perceives
is invisible and yet undeniable.

Once you get a glimpse
into the understanding about your true self,
you need to cherish the understanding
that is revealed to you via the glimpse.

Not to seek an experience,
not to form an attachment,
but to cherish the understanding.

And to remain open
for the understanding to
populate your being.

Notice that
there is no distance between you
and that which you perceive.

Like, there is no distance between
the images on the screen
and the screen.

The images are like a flow
onto the screen
which does not flow.

So whatever sensations arise
to you,
they are like images
arising onto the screen.

The screen is untouched,
by the images arising.

Complete availability

Like the ocean is not disturbed by the waves.

You are the ocean
waving within itself,
from itself and to itself.

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