Freedom from Identification

Magdi Badawy, 01-07-2024

Hello, everyone.

So welcome.

Welcome the peace,
the peace of being,
which is beyond words;
our true nature.

Welcome your experience
without knowing it,
without adding anything,
without attempting to change anything.

Welcome the breath.
The body,
whatever sensations appear to you.
Lovingly, kindly, gently, sweetly.

Simply be, not knowing.
Embraced by the mystery of being,
embracing without knowing.
So that you and the universe,
you and everything are one.

You are the one,
you are one.

Just for now, you can let go of any strategy
because we are not trying to go anywhere.

We are not trying to fix anything.
We simply are this loving presence,
the heart of compassion.

We don’t need to identify with anything of the past, of the future.
So that we are available for everything
and for everyone equally.

Our heartbeat is everyone’s heartbeat.
Our love for life,
our love for love itself is everybody’s love.

So we can trust being no one,
no one in particular.
Because In being no one in particular,
we are everyone.

And there is love
being no one and everyone.

Being, nothing and everything.

So we are open, available,
Trusting divine intelligence.
Universal intelligence.

Wisdom is love.

The understanding that I and thou are one.
Universal being.

So we invite our body-mind to complete relaxation,
profound, nondoing.

Because this availability is life itself.

It’s an alive availability, disponibility.
And along this journey, we shed identities,
we shed, we let go of identification.

No sides, no camps.
The message of love,
the message of friendship.

So we use our body-mind to express
to express love and friendship,
compassion, wisdom.

Because this vehicle is available to us for that purpose.
Rather than Identifying
with the vehicle,
with the personality,
with the culture,
with the history of the vehicle…

We let go of the identification
and we use the vehicle for the service of the greater good.

Awakening to our reality.
Our reality as this invisible, transparent presence.

And to live
without a shelter,
without hiding,
without veiling ourself behind any identity.

We live openly,
and this openness is beyond words.
It’s a silent presence.

Which is very beautiful.

In and as this silent presence,
there is no me separate from you
and no you separate from me.

No past, no future.
Simply this loving presence.

That is true meditation.

So we invite ourself to sink deeper and deeper,
into this borderless beingness,
whose arms are always open,
always inviting us,
from itself, to itself.

In the heart of silence.
The core of being.

In the love,
Universal love.

Our true self,
the only self.

We are never apart in fact,
in truth, in understanding, in reality.

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