Our True Universal Body,
The Transparency of Being

Magdi Badawy, 11-02-2023

Welcome, everybody.
Lovely to be with you.

So to start this meeting,
if you could just turn your attention inwardly.

And welcome the peace.
The peace which is within our heart.
The peace of being, which is one, one being.

We are one as this peace, as this love.
So welcome yourself as that.

Allow things to be just as they are.
Whatever is appearing to you.

Let it be as it is.
No need to take any position.
No need to judge yourself or do anything.

We are like a vast ocean.
The same ocean.
This human experience is about the understanding.
The understanding about our reality.

Which is beyond our individuality.
There is nothing wrong with Individuality.
Because individuality does not mean a separation.

Like the different colors of the rainbow.
All of which are made out of light, vibration.

There is freedom and joy in our hearts,
that is yearning to come to the surface.

So we can joyfully be together.
Lovingly, kindly.
Sharing the joy.

It’s a challenge at times to perceive from beyond the mind.
To perceive from the heart.
To perceive from this place where there is no separation.

In our heart of hearts
that is what we love.

So in this moment notice that
you are not something which you perceive.

You are not an object which you perceive.
Notice that you are the invisible.

Invisible to the senses.
The invisible receiving element.
The reality which hears these words,
is not made out of words and made out of thoughts.
Because a thought cannot hear,
an image does not hear, does not perceive.

Notice that your reality is a formless presence in this moment.
May you perceive a thought, but you are not a thought.
You perceive a sensation, but you are not a sensation.

You perceive an image.
It appears within the space of awareness
and dissolves in that same space.

Notice that you are not defined by that which you perceive.

You, meaning the reality which hears these words right now.
You, this reality, this aware presence are not defined.

You are not known by thoughts or sensations.
The knowing element is not known phenomenaly.

Awareness is not known via a body, via a mind,
it is the knowing element.
You are that, you are awareness itself.

Your body is the body of awareness.
Which has no borders.
No form, no edges.

Your true body is transparent.

One body.
The universal body, the body of being.

In religious terms, we say God’s being, God is.
Why and how come that we feel so dense and so limited, bound,
weighted down.

What is it that leads to this heaviness?

This awareness is not heavy.
Awareness is not bound.
Awareness is not limited or separated.

Could it be that we are carrying a belief, holding on to a belief
that we are made out of flesh and bones and stuff.

What is this stuff?
What is the weight of happiness, of joy, freedom?

Invite yourself to sink deeply into your true self your true nature.
Without defining yourself in any way.
And without defining anybody, in any way.

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