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The Ultimate Safety

Magdi Badawy, 09-03-2023

So hello everyone.
Very lovely to be with you.

Just a reminder that we’ll start the meeting
with a guided meditation and then followed
with whatever questions you have.

So for the meditation,
just sit comfortably and
welcome your experience.
Just as it is.

Meaning, you don’t need to do anything.
We’re not trying to get to any state.
We’re not trying to feel good,
change our experience.

Simply welcome yourself.

Welcome. Yourself.
This welcoming is effortless.
It’s a sort of relaxation.
Without a goal,
without any specific direction.

Whatever appears to you appears to you
appears to you effortlessly.
And it is in a way an image
appearing on the screen,
the screen of Awareness,
the screen of Consciousness.

That screen of Awareness is you.

Screen is just a metaphor.
The Awareness is peace.

So allow your thoughts,
whichever way they appear,
to load, to appear, to disappear, in that peace.

Remain unconcerned.

Without the need to define yourself in any way.
In other words,
there is Awareness,
but the mind does not know what it is,
and does not need to know what it is.

It is like the ocean.
It is what it is.
Unconcerned, untroubled, undisturbed.

Like in deep sleep,
but you are awake.

Any memories that you have of yourself
are useless and irrelevant right now.
Any storyline you have about yourself,
about your life, your past, your future,
has no relevance, no significance in being right now
in this moment of being.

As Awareness, as Presence,
there is no separate personal me.

It’s just Awareness, this me and my life and my story
is a stream of thoughts and sensations,
which do not exist in presence in the now.

Everything is sufficient.
Whole and complete.
In the now.

The body is doing what it does.
The universe is doing what it does.

In some harmonious way
that includes births and deaths of bodies and minds.

But Reality has no birth and no deaths.
And you are that Reality,
that formless aware of presence.

Which is the ultimate safety.
It is not the safety of an object,
or the safety for a person,
the safety for the body-mind.

It’s the eternity of being which is not in time
and therefore, it’s not subject to cause and effect.

Being is your Reality.
The reality of the world,
the reality of mind.

You don’t need to keep referring to yourself
as somebody living in time, referring to the past,
the future, what I did, what he did, what she did.

You can meet the world as your very being,
as your very body, as your very self.

You can meet others as meeting yourself,
because we are the same self.

There is nothing opposing your Reality,
your true being.

You are the Totality.
You are not a man or a woman.
The body is.
It’s a male or female body, but you are not the body.

The Reality which perceives,
which hears these words right now is undeniable.
And the Reality, whatever it is,
which hears these words, which perceives its perception,
is Consciousness, Awareness.
Is neither male or female.

It is not located in any location.
The body may be located in a room,
in a certain location, but not awareness,
not consciousness.
Which is the true meaning of freedom.

Meditation is an exercise,
to reveal the taste of your true self.
Your Self is always there,
always present,
as the Reality of your experience.

Like water is present in every wave.
Always there.
The substance, the essence of your being.

It’s always there throughout all experiences.

All sorts of events can affect the body, the mind,
but no event can affect you, Consciousness,
the reality which is, which is you.

We don’t need to define this you.
It is there, It is the reality which you are, which knows itself.

Never truly ceases to be,
never truly ceases to know itself.

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