The Playfulness of Consciousness

Magdi Badawy, 07-20-2023

Hello everyone.

Everything you experience is the Self is Consciousness.

There is no personal experience,
because there is no separate person
anywhere in the cosmos.

It may appear to you that certain experiences appear and disappear.
Certain friends appear and disappear,
certain events appear and disappear.

But it’s like in your dream, in your night dream.
There are all sorts of events which are appearing and disappearing, but in fact, nothing is happening.

The events and the people that appear to you in your mind dream are your very self.

There are no real separate entities.
Everything is Consciousness everything is I.
Everything is your very self.

You never lose anybody, gain anybody.

It is Consciousness, just playing to itself.
Being the only reality, the only player.

Moment by moment creating and perceiving.
Celebrating its freedom, celebrating your freedom.

It is you as Consciousness who plays the game of being a victim,
because you like to amuse yourself.

And this amusement includes your complaining.
You know this satisfaction.
It is part of the playfulness of Consciousness.

It is your imagination,
your creative potential.

You create the universe when you experience the universe as yourself. Infinite creative ways.

You are everywhere.
And everywhere is in you.

You complicate your life because you enjoy this complication.
You wish for a different outcome for a different situation,
because you love to wish such things.
We play the wishful game.

You are the one and only,
playing the game of one among so many.

The game of separation is your game.
I am this and not that.

I am this body-mind and I am not the universe;
that is your playfulness, the game of separation.
While in fact there is no separation.

The universe is your very being,
is your very body.

How could this body sustain itself,
without the entire play of the universe.

There are no separate forms that exist of their own.
Nothing about you is separate.
Nothing about you is phenomenal.

The game of phenomenality, the game of materialism is your play.
You imagine yourself to be a mortal form
while you are the universe itself, universal being the one reality.
The only reality.

It is the playfulness of consciousness to ignore itself by identifying itself with the form.
And so called remembers itself, to be the formless reality.
The infinite invisible Reality, to which we refer to as Being, Consciousness.

So take a look at whatever beliefs you have about yourself.
They are false.

There’s no belief that can define you.
No thought,
no sensation,
no event can define you.

So you can drop all your definitions of yourself.
Whichever way you imagine yourself to be.
You can drop all of that in this moment.

And be.

Be not knowing.
Being not knowing.
Because being is.

That is Neither this nor that.

It simply is.
Being is.

This Being is not a man or a woman.
Nothing is happening to be.

So allow your body mind, which ever way it is appearing to you
To be borderless, undefined.

Do not prefer this over that.
Allow everything to be what it is as it is.
No need to figure it out.

Live as this “not knowing”.

Without dragging the past and projecting future.
You turn your hands playing with the fire.

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