Resting as Awareness


So we can turn our attention
towards where the attention comes from.

It does not come from the past
It does not come from memory.

It is always a fresh Moment.

What is the substance of this moment?

It is not that which appears and disappears.
It is not in the wavelets, at the surface of the pond.

What is your very essence.
In this moment.

Which is not a moment in time,
because time stops in this question.

What is your reality?
Not the name or age of your body.

Not a stream of thoughts,
which appears like the wind.

What is it?
There is Unchanging them.

New Experience.

You can rest as this not knowing.
Allowing the mind to sink
into this question that has no bottom.

You know you are.
You know there is something
rather than nothing.

You know that.
You are aware that there is awareness.

And that this awareness does not come and go
has no color or shape or size,
or beginning or ending.

Like this awareness,
the reality which hears these words,
right now has no on and off switch.

That it is not contained
in a container.

You know, you are aware.
And that everything which appears within awareness
is intimate with awareness.
It cannot be without awareness.

The reality of your thoughts.
The reality of your memories
The reality of your sensations

is this formless awareness,
this formless presence.

So recognize yourself
as this formless invisible presence
which knows itself,
and which perceives and understands.

There is no personal effort involved.
There is no person outside of your imagination,
outside of the imagination of consciousness.

There is no reality to a person,
who does effort
or does more effort or less effort?

There is a knowingness
which does not belong to the mind.

The absolute certainty of being,
in the absolute certainty of awareness.

Everything else contains a grain of doubt.

Resting as awareness means
not resting as anything else.

Not resting as a woman,
as a man,
as a person,
as somebody.

An imaginary somebody
with a beginning and an ending.

Both of which are imaginary
because that which hears these words
does not know any beginning or any ending.

It is beyond time.
That which Is is absolute.

Formless consciousness,
are absolute.

So the peace that you seek
is already that which you are.

In reality your true self, your true nature
is already peace itself.

You don’t need to imagine yourself
to be a person,
a woman,
a mother,
a daughter,
a father,
a son.

That’s the body
the body can be male or female.
You don’t need to refer to yourself.
the reality of being
as a body,
as a person,
as somebody.

Whenever you are not referring to yourself
as somebody existing in time and space
that is meditation,
that is truth,
that is love,
that is peace,
that is freedom.

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