To whom does reality appear?

Magdi Badawy, 04-02-2023

welcome everyone
lovely to see you all

so if you can either
close your eyes or
turn your gaze inward
simply be

which you already are

relax into presence

without any effort

there is nothing that you need
to know to figure out

you can let things be as they are

a fresh

out of presence

refreshing itself moment by moment

you don’t need any story
you don’t need the past
you don’t need to be somebody

because you already are
that which you are

there is no separation
anywhere in the universe
in the entire Cosmos

separation is the concept a belief
an abstraction
that has no reality to it
no existence
there is nothing which is separate

because there are no things in reality

you is this reality

not a personal you
not a female or a male you

that that which you know yourself to be as I
before you label yourself

before you journey into the past or into the future

before time

you are
you is this reality
right now in every moment

you don’t need to define yourself
or limit yourself in any way

there is no need for you to do so

you don’t need to prove anything to anyone

you are the proof itself

you are that which you are trying to prove
it’s already proven

nothing which appears to you defines you
because you are the totality

in this totality is creativity
you are this creative element
this creative Force

you as this infinite consciousness
you as the light of awareness

everything that you perceive
appears out of consciousness
out of yourself
and is perceived as it appears

there is no time between
appearance and perception
they are one

there is no distance
between you and that which you perceive
they are one

and this you is awareness
the reality which right now perceives this perception

because being cannot be denied

you are
that is undeniable

I am
is undeniable

there is no opposite to being
and thus there are no borders to being

there are no edges
no limitations to being
that being is your very experience of I am
of amness
being without being someone
without being somebody in time and space

an aware being
being awareness
as one

wherever you find I you find awareness
check it out

wherever you find awareness you find I
they’re one

in Oneness there is nothing lacking
there are no opposites

nothing to attain and
nothing to protect from

so you don’t need to leave your true home
and identify yourself
as a man
or a woman
a son
a daughter

you do not need to identify yourself
with the body mind form
it is some sort of past entity
it’s progressing or redressing in time
towards a better future

all that is mind stuff
once you adopt this mind stuff as
your your basis of perception and action

you will feel
that you are limited
and you will feel mortal
you will feel lacking and fearful

which is mind stuff

sensations in the space
interpreted as being real and powerful

interpreted as being an expression of your reality

but reality cannot be expressed in mind
or sensation or thoughts

it knows itself as being
universal borderless being
aware presence

experience is simply awareness
a movement within itself
from itself to itself
there is no separate entity experiencing
an external world or an internal mind
that’s a misinterpretation

experience is non-dual
it is not a meeting being

it’s this silent presence
that’s manifesting as this conversation
manifesting as breath
manifesting as bodily sensations

it is this silent presence
which appears from itself to itself
as what the mind refers to as an appearance
as an experience

like the ocean
out of itself
and from itself
and to itself
manifests as currents
evaluation of waves

you can allow your mind to rest
as presence
the presence that you are
which cannot be described conceptually
but that which we all know experientially.

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