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How to deal with negative feelings?

Magdi Badawy, 03-19-2023

hello everyone

so to start if we could
just welcome ourselves as
this simple presence

all right

nothing special that you need to do

whatever is past is passed
you don’t need to
do anything about it
for now

every moment is afresh
brand new

nothing that you need to hold on to

so that you can meet this moment
in your complete innocence

without the need to know anything about it

without needing some supporting structure

because you don’t need any support
you don’t need any identity
you don’t need to maintain anything in this moment

what you did and what others did to you
are empty Tales
traces in the sand along the shore
which fade away

you never swim in the same water twice
it’s always fresh and new

you don’t need to figure anything out
to fix anything
as you sink deeper and deeper into being
into presence

because as presence
we are not separate

we’re the same
the same beingness

when it is this understanding

your understanding
of one reality
which we all share
which we all are

it is from this understanding
and as this understanding
that love
flourishes in our life

we recognize
the other as our very self
and sometimes we may feel hurt

we feel hurt because we cherish something

we feel called to protect

to defend

against whom?
against others
against the world

it is something that we feel very valuable
we need to defend it
to protect it

for what?
for whom?

to safeguard that which we cherish
whatever that is

we place conditions onto each other
we overlook
the love

we believe that the love comes from the mind
from our thoughts from our opinion
from our smartness

we don’t want to get hurt

it’s one thing to feel pain because
you put your hand on the hot stove

what is it
that gets hurt
what is it to feel hurt

what if I am
love itself

where would the hurt
find any refuge
in the Heart of Love

we often blame the other
for not loving us the right way
for not behaving towards us in a loving way

although there are situations
where there is blatantly true

aren’t we most often

trying to justify our feelings
and shift our feelings
so that we experience some release
some relief from the inner angst

we all are seeking
relief from inner angst

but in moments of wisdom
in moments of insight
we realize that this relief
does not come from the mind
does not come from the world

and yet we know this peace
we know
the love
the Tracy[?]

in the depths of our being
we know it

we don’t need someone to explain it to us

but as much as we try
in a relationship
in the mind looking for a way

changing our world situation
where we live what we do
as much as we try
we only experience moments of relief

but not
the freedom
and the relief and the peace
that is unconditional
that is always there so to speak

we all experienced negative feelings
when we explored various ways

what we share here
is an exploration
into the situation
which is appearing to us

it may
sound shocking
when we hear that
there is no such thing as a feeling

it may seem preposterous
that this statement is denying my experience
how can one say there is no such thing as feelings while
I am continuing so it depressed miserable accepting

we want to run away from such a

but take a look

do not take a look conceptually
but experiential


before you accept the statement that
I am feeling upset
before that formulation

just press the pause button for a moment
and take a look at your experience
at that moment

my heart beats
pressure in the chest

the heat in the face
of your throat
dry throat
clenched fists

those are bodily sensations

and then you take a look at the thoughts
that are appearing to you
at that moment of upsetness

it may be possible to notice
thoughts such as
“why did he do this to me”, “why did she do this to me”

“she keeps doing the same mistakes”, “he keeps doing the same mistakes”,
“pisses me off”

“darn I wish I just could be somewhere else this moment”

these are thoughts right

but if you take a closer look
you will find that within these thoughts
there is a belief

the belief that I am this person
and he or she is this other person

that I am a good guy
a good gal

I am fair
I am just
I am this
I am that

you will find a me story
a belief
that you are somebody

that you
which is the reality
which right now is hearing these words
you this transparent awareness
this intelligence
this presence
is somebody

somebody good
somebody bad
somebody better
with some than the other

and the other is just not getting it

you will find that
if you’re interested
in looking you will find that belief

yep it takes a moment
take a look if it’s true it’s true
if you are somebody
then you are this somebody
but if you are the awareness
which perceives
thought perception and Sensation

then you are not somebody perceived
either this or that
you cannot be both
be transparent aware presence
and a perceived form

you need to figure this out
for yourself

also we should take a look at our experience
we may notice that sometimes
we walk into the room

maybe there is this group of people in that room
that have just I heard some sad news
a dear friend of theirs passed away

we walk into this room not knowing
this information

and we feel this heaviness
we feel this sadness
although we have no idea
what is going on
we don’t have any news
we don’t know the news
and we actually feel this sadness this sorrow
which is not our sorrow
because you don’t even know
even know what’s happened

but it is a shared sorrow
because we are transparent to each other
even at the body level

we sense each other
the movement the body language

we feel each other as this heat

and sometimes when we are in company
of people who are angry we may feel their anger

although we are not angry
yet we feel it

when we are with somebody who’s blaming you
although you’re not blaming yourself
you’re not actually experiencing yourself as separate

that you feel the blame
because we are transparent to each other

sometimes even with animals we can sense
in this Silent Way
this is why
it makes sense to be careful with each other
what we share and how we share what we share

we can take a look Within
whether we are coming from a sense of separation
and feeling identification
identifying myself as somebody
somebody righteous
or not take a look Within

because that’s going to be in the space

it’s gonna be out there affecting everybody

of course you can all play the game of feelings
I’m upset like this and I’m upset at that

it’s an easy game to play

please me if you can
make me happy or else
you’re out of there
out of here
we can play this game
but what fun is there
what beauty is there
what tenderness what love
what understanding
is in such a game

Can we
just to be
moment moment by moment

not knowing
not defending or aggressing
not identifying

noticing the identification
let it go

not buying into it
let it go

There’s a lot that you can let go.
Much more than you can see.

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