Being/awareness is our ordinary experience

Magdi Badawy, 02-26-2023

lovely to see you
to be with you

to be with you as presence
to be with you as yourself
to be with you without being somebody
to be with you without knowing you
to be with you without knowing what I am
yet happy

happy in being and
happy as being
being without knowing

so welcome
welcome yourself as myself
welcome yourself as the self

as the only reality
reality welcoming itself
loving itself
loving its creation and its creativity

so welcome

we invite ourself
and invite each other
to be not knowing

to be this open space
this open loving
effortlessly loving space

that perceives
through all perceptions
directly from the heart to the heart

your heart recognizing itself
and loving itself

bodies appear they change
thoughts appear and change

in movement a flow
that does not disturb our reality

that does not disturb our love
for each other
and our love for truth

how lovely it is to be

pure being

free from the past and the future
and yet welcoming the past and the future
as appearances
as a play

the play of mind
the play of perception
the play of memory

not being disturbed
not trying to get somewhere
not trying to achieve anything for somebody

but for everybody

what we can achieve for everybody
is the recognition of
our Oneness of
our totality
of our wholeness
the recognition of our true self
as love
not from one person to another person
but love eternal

when we are not assuming ourselves to be
a man
a woman to be

there is freedom
freedom from any assumptions
from any self-definition which comes from the past

you the reality of consciousness
the reality of awareness
do not exist in time

you are not a stream of thoughts
you are not a bundle of sensations and feelings
you are not historical

our essential nature
this moment and every moment
is this simple effortless presence
our ordinary awareness

which is invisible phenomenally
but it is known as
I am as
I am aware

a non-phenomenal recognition
awareness recognizing itself
knowing itself

independent of the senses
independent of memory
independent of perception
independent of direct recognition

a direct knowingness

our essential nature is effortless
ordinary awareness
is that which is extraordinary

that we know
we are

that we know
we are aware

is that not magical
this simple knowingness

which does not need to rely on anything

Enlightenment is not some extraordinary experience
and a bolt of lightning
there may be some aha moments
throughout our life that reveal
our true nature
but our true nature is this moment and every moment
how could you get away from that which you are

how could you be anything else but that which you are
which is not something which appears to you
which is not the body
which is not a mind
which is not a story
which appears to you

but the reality of perception
the reality that perceives
the reality that knows itself
how could you be anything else but that

sometimes we expect some magic show
something fantastic happening

we seek we expect a very special experience
what sort of self-torture is that

dissing this aware presence
our natural state
our natural effortless reality
dissing this reality in exchange
for some extraordinary mindset
extraordinary experience
that we can be proud of

can we simply relax as presence
let go of the past of the future
of all this knowledge
accumulative knowledge
and be innocent
to be fresh

no script just this moment
the moment of being of presence
how could it be that this is not sufficient

it can only appear insufficient
when we are expecting something else
and our expectations they come from the past
they come from memory they come from stories and tails

and they are full of disappointment
expectation and disappointment they go hand in hand

can we simply be as we are
this effortless presence
not knowing
not accumulating
not defining ourselves
not defining the other

like the blooming of a flower
the rose is blooming

This Moment
In This Moment
in each fresh moment
each moment complete freshness

no story
not trying to become beautiful
not trying anything

out of the way
allowing the universe to Bloom as it wishes

everything which appears
appears within Consciousness
within awareness

that which is changeless in your experience
that which is not in time in your experience
that is your true self
which is not a body
which is not a mind

that which
without which
there can be no body and no mind

essential the essence
that which cannot not be

you are lacking nothing
as consciousness
as reality

you will only experience lack
whenever you define yourself
in some phenomenal manner

but what if you don’t

what if you leave the stage open as it is

allowing the universe to do its universing
which is consciousness

we don’t need to separate anything

the mind can make distinctions and that’s fine
no issue with that

but don’t confuse distinctions to refer to separation

the waves that appear on the surface of the ocean
they’re distinct
but the reality is water
one in reality

so is yours
your reality as this infinite Invisible Presence

infinite invisible presence

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