Love and happiness are God’s silence

Magdi Badawy, 01-12-2023

So, notice
the aware presence


which effortlessly perceives
this perception

without in itself
being a perception

notice the silence

The Silence of Presence

within which
and out of which

this experience

and is perceived

there is nothing which precedes
this silence

which is alive
which is aware

and yet completely still

with infinite potential

it is within this silence
that if thought appears

like a cloud appearing in the sky

it is in vain
that a thought
attempts to comprehend
the silence

but it is in the Stillness of thinking

when the Stillness of movement

that first silence can be

Which is Consciousness without objects

this silence is not the Silence of thought

Silence of the Mind
it is the silence
within which the Mind appears
within which the mind is based

initially the silence is apperceived as the space between two
thoughts the gap between thoughts
which is your presence

the point at which
an inhalation comes to an end
and an exhalation starts

so you can and gently inhale

and notice that there comes a point
of Stillness

at the end of the inhalation

at which point the exhalation starts

in fact this silence

is always

as the background of all experience

as the reality of all experience

and the experience of this silence is peace

which knows no opposite

it is in the Silence of presence

that we recognize ourself

there are no borders and no limits to this
silent presence

everything you need to know
is revealed
in this silence
as this silence

which is peace
and happiness

what you are looking for is between the words

not in the words

but in the silence that permeates the words

this silent aware presence is your reality

you are not defined by the movement which appears
to you

whichever form and shape
your mind takes
does not define you

you don’t need to get too preoccupied

with fixing your mind and fixing your experience

simply allow awareness to recognize itself

as you
as you reality

there is no need to imagine
somebody that is standing in the way

of this simple yet profound recognition

you can
let go of the past and the future

and allow yourself to be this
Timeless presence which you are

not in time

worries and concerns refer to time

me in the past
me in the future

while all around
you are just this
borderless presence
The Eternity of now

the body
the world
the mind
appeared the way
they appeared to you

they’re always pointing you
towards yourself

yourself being that
which perceives right now
which is not the body
not a male or female

so you can tend to the body
tend to the mind
and situations that appear to you
from this place of freedom

appropriate response
depending on the situation

without imagining that there is something at stake
for somebody

you will find that shoe fits much better
than imagining yourself to be a limited personal self

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