Consciousness is self knowing and all knowing

Magdi Badawy, 01-05-2023

so if we can start this meeting by resting

inviting ourselves to Simply be

being is our true nature
that which we are
and this beingness
is not personal

it is in religious terms
God’s beingness
God’s presence
which is our presence
which is the only presence there is

you are this presence which is peace

it’s the only presence there is
which means it’s love

love does not know an opposite
it is the Oneness
our Oneness
our totality
our wholeness

so we acknowledge this
effortless presence that shines
as awareness

this knowingness
that is completely free
does not depend
on any object

no conditions
are placed upon yourself
upon this open space of being

this open field of awareness

it is freedom

and love

so when you open yourself to the unknown
there is no objective
there is no direction to this openness

like the sunshine
there are no obstructions

the sun shines in all directions

and everything that appears
is the modulation of the sunshine

you are not an object
a form a limited entity

that is an old folklore it does not apply
to your reality
your reality as awareness as consciousness

you are not anything which you perceive
you are not anything you conceive

you don’t need to fix your experience
but to recognize yourself as this

not knowingness
this eminence this presence

which the mind cannot describe in any way

so you can
allow the sensations
for your body to float in the space of awareness

without any direction
without trying to pin things down

your experience is composed of thoughts
which appear in awareness
and dissolve in the same space

and your experience is made
out of bodily sensations

and perceptions

which appear in awareness

but there is no separation anywhere

there is no separate entity anywhere

so your body in fact is that spaciousness

borderless field of knowingness

without any borders

no opposition anywhere

you don’t need to know what you are

because that would be some limitation

the mind trying to pin you down

I am
beyond any doubt
I am

wherever I is

does not need to be defined
by the mind in
images and concepts

presence is real – reality

reality is beyond any formulation
or any definition

because reality is one

Sat Chit Ananda

Sat being being sat is being

Chit is knowingness awareness

I am and I know that I am

they go hand in hand

this is why we say Consciousness is self-knowing
I know that I am
and I know that I know

there is nothing outside of Consciousness
that knows consciousness

because there is no separate reality
outside of the reality of consciousness

the knowingness of Consciousness
is by Consciousness itself

as soon as you know Consciousness as something
you have split it
you have split consciousness
into a subject which knows it
and the object which is known

but consciousness knows itself within itself
without splitting itself

you know yourself as this presence
which is the same as presence knows itself as I
it’s the same

in presence consciousness is not a female or male body

it’s not a feeling or a sensation
or an image
because feelings Sensations and images

are a dime a dozen
Consciousness is one

it’s not something you imagine
it is that which imagines

is not something you perceive
but it is that which perceives


infinite invisible

not a limited entity
with limited perception
and limited point of views
and limited field of sensations
and limited objectives

you don’t need to make a problem
out of the body
or out of the world

or out of the mind

you don’t need to make a problem
out of the cherry tree
or the oak tree

you don’t need to make a problem
out of the lake or the ocean
the volcano or the raindrops

you don’t need to make a problem
out of thoughts and sensations
images and memories

you don’t need to make any problem at all
except if you like to play
the game of problem solver
then of course you’re welcome and free
to conceive and create problems and solutions

that it’s just your play not for real
like children like to play in their imaginary world
creating all sorts of creatures
heroes and dolls to play

because there is complete freedom
freedom to play
but the freedom is not the freedom of the body
or of the Mind
it is God’s freedom
within you which is your freedom

your true freedom is infinite

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