Reality is not threatened by the world body mind

Magdi Badawy, 12-22-2022

welcome lovely to see you
Chris and Holger
David and David

Hi Carol as Desmond
so um just a couple of words
that will be starting this meeting
with a brief guided meditation
and then we’ll follow up with
any questions or any discussion

so sit comfortably and
turn your attention inwards

by welcoming your experience
and open open arms
nothing to do

contemplate that you are this aware presence

effortless presence

and that as this presence
there are no concerns

no objective
nothing to try to attain

my presence is peace

your reality

the reality of the universe

you are not a wave on the surface of the ocean

you are not the body mind which you perceive

that which you are
the reality which hears these words

cannot be known by the mind

since the mind is limited

but you don’t need to know yourself via the mind

because you already are
that which you are

and that which you are
cannot be said to be Limited

cannot be said to be this or that

that which you are cannot be described
via any limited Body Mind instrument
via thought via Concepts via feelings

and that’s perfectly fine

there is no way to describe love or beauty
nor happiness

There is no need to describe love beauty or happiness

it speaks for itself
love speaks for itself

Freedom speaks for itself

that which you are does not need description

that which is beyond description is beyond limitation

which is this aware presence right now


no opposition to that which is non-phenomenal

you know you are

just by asking yourself in this moment the question am I

the resounding answer is yes I am

this I am has no qualificative
no shape color size smell taste

and yet this amness is undeniable

so we can soak into the amness

I am and I know that I am

simply soak into that

without adding any story
without adding any memory

without adding any color
or shape

simply I am
and I know that I am

to be not knowing

not knowing what I am

but knowing that I am

because amness is only possible via knowingness
and knowingness is only possible via amness

the reality of your experience
is consciousness

your reality

infinite invisible

aware presence

reality is one


your body and the universe are one

your mind and the universe are one

you are this Universal knowingness

there is only one knowingness

many appearances many colors
shapes and shades

like the rainbow and the white light

the white light contains all the colors
every shade of color is made out of the
white light its Essence is the white light

similarly all your perception Sensations

are made out of one reality awareness consciousness

appearances appear to you
and they disappear within you to you

you don’t appear and disappear
you don’t exist in time

time appears to you

nothing happens to reality

in the phenomenal Realm

there is an impression of happening

that in reality there is no happening

in the mind in the conceptual Realm
there is time and space and events

but reality is non-conceptual

it’s not defined by the concepts of time and space

you are not defined
by time and space

so you relax your body mind

allow whatever is unfolding
whatever Sensations are appearing to you
no resistance no Direction
no goal nothing to defend
no one to defend

no state to attain

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