The universal body is our true body

Magdi Badawy, 11-06-2022

so a reminder that we will start this meeting with a guided meditation
and then we can have a discussion

Sit comfortably and
welcome your experience
just as it appears to you

invite yourself to relax
the body
sort of to sink
into presence

you don’t need to do anything
during this meeting

simply be

you already are this
effortless presence

I mean it is this presence
which is hearing these words


thoughts may appear to you
clouds appearing in the sky

the mystery of
of hearing

the breath

a gentle movement

the heartbeat

everything appearing

within this spaciousness of awareness

there is no one doing anything

there is nothing in our experience
which is not imbued in awareness

every thought every sensation
every perception

is imbued in awareness

without anybody doing anything

in fact
there is no personal self anywhere to
to do anything in this moment of presence

presence itself it’s appearing to itself
as hearing perceiving sensing

because presence and awareness are one
they’re not two

being and knowing
beingness knowingness are one

two sides of the same coin

I am
and I know
that I am

inherent knowingness in being
and the inherent beingness in knowing

you may imagine yourself to be somebody
a man
a woman
a mother
father son

but this imagination
doesn’t have the power to fefine you

it is just a belief
which is an appearance
a cosmic event

nothing which appears to you defines you

you may imagine yourself to be the body

physical form

a breathing instrument

the human computer
mechanical form

but a mechanical form is not conscious has no consciousness

you may imagine yourself to be flesh and bones
to be somebody existing in time and space

and yet you are the reality which perceives
which perceives thoughts images


you are that which is unchanged and unchanging
and unchangeable is aware presence

the reality of being
the reality of the world universes
the reality of Minds
the reality of perceptions and Sensations

although there is a physical form
a certain shape and size
and phenomenal qualities
your true body is the body of your true self

the true body is the body of consciousness

which is non-phenomenal
which is

I Consciousness
I awareness
I presence

am not an object
a phenomenal form

I am the numenal reality

the reality of being
the one reality

given I am nominal my body
my true body
and my only body
is nominal as well

nothing excluded

so invite yourself to relax
the sensation
the physical
at the sensory level

your sense of bodyness
your sense of me-ness

relax that sensation
and allow yourself

your true self
to be the body which you truly are

it’s borderless body
Beyond the skin of the physical form
beyond the imaginary boundaries
that you have imposed upon yourself

there are no barriers
no walls
no edges
between yourself
and the universe

everything that appears to you
appears as consciousness

so in your life you can explore
being borderless
not by thinking about it
but by sensing your way into it

it’s you and the other
you and the world are not two

explore that
on the feeling level
with the sensory level


everything arises within you

within you consciousness
the one reality

we are not separate from the hum of the airplane

… from the sound of children playing in the yard.

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