The person is the movie

Magdi Badawy, 08-21-2022

so lovely to be with you
to be
being is

and as

there is peace
the peace of being

so when you welcome yourself
you are welcoming being
being is welcoming itself

and then this welcoming
there is no separate person

it is the totality
welcoming itself

when you welcome
the other
you are welcoming yourself
as that same being
that same beingness
that same reality

i refers to


always available
to you

always available to itself

although on one hand

i references
the limited
imaginary person

i also references
borderless awareness

when you investigate
you start from
i am somebody
i am a person

i exist in time and space

there is a story about my past

my family
my tribe

and some story about my future

but this story
which is a series of images and feelings
is an appearance
it appears to you

it’s like a parade
that is parading itself
in front of your eyes

you are viewing

the story of me

and in order to view the story of me

and really get into it

you need to first define yourself
as a particular me
as a particular character

and buy into it

so there is this character
which appears to you
as images

and you have bought into

in this way of defining yourself
this way of defining
your true nature your true self

because there is only one true self
only one

and i identify myself

whatever it is
with that
the character
those images
those feelings

i identify myself somehow

as a person
with a personal life

a personal reality

and that’s the story of my life

i overlook

the i
that which

is not
an appearance
i overlook the reality of awareness
the reality of consciousness
as i identify myself
with an object

but the
person you
believe yourself to be
to perceive
is in the movie
you are in the theater

you’re not actually in the movie
you’re not actually limited
you’re not a limited entity
limited character
subject to conditions
subject to situations

so the sense of limitation

ignorance is a choice we make

meaning consciousness
makes the choice
that i
the borderless awareness
am an object
a person
a female
a male form

how could you be something that you perceive

how could you be dependent and
limited by body-mind activities and sensations
that you perceive
that appear to you

in you’re night dreams
you dream various characters
and you dream yourself
to be
one of these characters

you dream that
every character in your dream including yourself
being a character in the dream
have their own personal thoughts

while in fact everybody’s thoughts in the dream
including the thoughts
of the character you imagine yourself to be
are your own creation

and in the dream you’re surprised
when you’re sitting with a friend
in the dream
and they tell you a joke
and you’re listening to the joke
and you don’t know the punchline

and when they tell you the punchline
here you’re surprised and you start laughing
and yet aren’t you the one who is dreaming

dreaming the joke
you know already know the punchline

you are creating the entire show

and in spite of you being the creator of the entire show
you are surprised

in your night dream you
you open a door
and you’re surprised
by what you find

behind that door
what you find in the room
and yet you’re the creator of the dream

you are the creator of the room
and you’re the creator of whatever it is that
is in that room
and yet you’re surprised

it’s exciting to be a character in the dream

falling in love
falling out of love

overcoming obstacles

feeling excited

or feeling depressed

there’s certain excitement in that

until you decide you’re no longer interested in
buying into
bill of goods

and then you lift the veil

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