Freedom from the feeling of agitation and lack

Magdi Badawy, 07-12-2022

welcome lovely to see you

to be with you
and lovely to be

what is it that
we are looking for

peace and happiness

when there is peace all is well

the peace that bypasses the mind
the peace of being

god’s peace

on the surface
there may be all sorts of events


the body may be experiencing some pain

but the peace of being is
not dependent

on the weather
it’s not dependent on the health of the body

it’s not dependent on world politics

because these are surface
superficial events

but when our peace and
our happiness
depends on

we are cooked

there is this metaphor of a large
oak tree and a blade of grass

in the storm
the oak tree standing tall and strong
but as the wind gets stronger
the oak tree is toppled down to the ground

while the blade of grass
which is barely perceptible

is dancing in the wind

so when we take the position of being an oak tree
a large solid oak tree

we better hold on tight to our roots
because that wind is coming

somebody told me recently
i know i am not
the body you know
i’m not a woman a man
i know i’m not a person

i know i’m not an object

but i’m not satisfied because i need to know what i am

what is it that needs to know
in this moment

what is it that is not known
in this moment

the mind complicates things

simply being
is not lacking anything

there is a freedom in
the understanding that this i
is this infinite beingness

the reality of being
the reality of our experience
in this moment

that the
the mind thoughts and perceptions
like a floating dream
the passing dream
within this
the reality of being
the reality of presence

which doesn’t know the sense of lack

you have to go to the mind
you have to go to stories
and images to experience the sense of lack

that this is missing and that is missing

it’s a movement of thought

with a belief in a separate i

the belief that i is
some objective physical reality

but in being
in simply being
there is just being
not being a a woman or a man
or somebody

a mother a daughter in this
moment of eternity

this moment of eternity
which has no dimension

it’s just awareness

everything is complete
in perfect order

because there is no mind
that is trying to impose its conditions

here are my conditions
i want this and i want that

i don’t like this
and i don’t like that

this is how the sense of separation is formed
it is
it is made out of
these conditions

and these conditions they
reside in the body
as feelings

i don’t feel too good about this
i feel better about that

and this bundle of feelings
make the sense of me
they compose the sense of me
as a so-called person

who knows
how things should be

how the world
should be

it’s a bundle of feelings
sensations within the body

they come together to
create a sense of a physical
a physical entity

this physical entity
is some sort of imaginary reality
becomes our reality
but not really
because there is one reality

and that reality is not an object

that is born and will die

it’s the
reality of being
the reality of consciousness

and yet we we live as a person
we live as a woman as a man

we believe in we feel we are this person
we are a limited form a limited object

so we live as if we exist in
the limitation of the world
in the limitation of time and space

see that’s it at the core of our being
we have adopted
deep within us
this belief of being a limited entity

deep within us
there is this falsehood

and as a result

the events in the world
the events in the body

they seem to affect us

there is an inner agitation

the surface
the events of the surface
they reverberate deep within us
and we feel agitated


we don’t want the world to be how it is
we want it to be peaceful

we struggle
we feel agitated
when the world is agitated
we feel agitated
when the body is ill or sick or

we feel agitated when our children
our family our parents
are agitated

we become like a
a fire
a fire fighter

we are constantly working on putting
putting out the fires
one fire after another fire
after another fire

there is no rest
no tranquility
no equanimity

no peace

because we have objectified ourself
as a woman
as a man
as somebody

we’ve we’ve
materialized ourself

we’ve materialized consciousness
that which we are
that which we are is
this transparent beingness
which is not a male or a female

the body
the world
they are appearances

like in your night dream
there are so many appearances
like butterflies
and elephants

all sorts of appearances in your dream
but you are the dreamer
you are not an appearance

similarly in this moment
in the waking state
you are not a female or male appearance

you are that same reality
the reality of awareness

the same reality in the dream state
the waking state the deep sleep state
you are not in the state
you are not an object in the state
you are the aware presence

the states that appear to you like this perception
is appearing to you

and that the reality which perceives
is not an object
is not phenomenal

and it’s not disturbed
it’s not disturbable

you can only disturb a form
you can only disturb an object
but you cannot disturb consciousness

you cannot disturb reality

and you are this reality
you that which hears these words
you know what you are
you know you are this consciousness
you know that
but you are playing the game of being a woman or a man

you have been acting like you are an object
like you are a body
but you know you are consciousness

you know that

and you know that there is one consciousness
there isn’t my consciousness and your consciousness
and his consciousness and her consciousness

there is one consciousness
you are you have never known any other consciousness
it is just one reality
it’s a knowing reality
you know i know
i know what i am
i know i am
i know i am
that which i am

the amness i am
this amness
this presence
this beingness

whatever the words are
not some object appearing in time

appears in you

appears in you


whenever you are disturbed
it’s because you are assuming yourself

at that moment
to be

as soon as you assume yourself to be somebody

a man
a woman
a neighbor
a person

the full potential of unhappiness
the full potential of unhappiness
is available for you

the full unhappiness of anger jealousy madness the sense of lack
depression worry
the full spectrum of the negative emotions is available
to you
because of that belief

it’s the game we play
we play the game of being somebody

the play of consciousness

but consciousness also plays the game
of knowing itself

the end
of the roller coaster ride
the end of the roller coaster ride

and the celebration of life
of beauty
of friendship
of creativity
of love

the celebration
the celebration of freedom
of being an effortless
effortless being

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