The full emptiness of being

Magdi Badawy, 06-09-2022

okay welcome everybody lovely to see you all hello jeff holger
nathan hello alan hi mike hello frank
george hey george richard patrick welcome

so you can welcome the stillness
which is this effortless
aware presence welcoming itself

nothing that you need to do

in this vast open and borderless

perceiving the space

there are no separate entities

there is no past no history
no form no structure
in the reality of our experience
which is this transparent presence

so i recognize myself as this transparency

the eternity of being

a thought may appear to you as it appears
it dissolves in the space in the
presence out of which and in which it appears

like this sound this hearing
dissolves in the same space out of which
and in which it appears

everything that is visible to the senses
every mind structure
is empty in essence

as it appears it disappears in the complete absence of time

this is what we call life
this ongoing appearance and disappearance
in the eternity of presence

this is what we call mind
which is this ongoing appearance and disappearance
of perceptions within aware presence

no duration

that which neither appears nor disappears
is unstirred

transparent eye

which is the essence
the heart
the reality
of all experiences

the substance of the emptiness
is full

which we refer to as the light of being or the
light of awareness

self-knowing and
all knowing

there is only one knowingness
which knows itself as i

first the journey starts with i am a person
i am somebody

a character that exists in time and space
seeking, resisting,
fretting, searching,

then we come to the understanding
that this character which i take myself to be
is fiction
an empty vessel

and that the true vessel is consciousness

but there is still a vessel

an empty vessel but still a vessel

the inner and the outer

and finally we come to the understanding

that this vessel is borderless

formless, shapeless, edgeless

the one and only reality

everything returns to his natural order

so go to the sensation of your body whichever way this
sense of yourself appears
at the feeling level

and like you release a bird by opening your hand
and allowing the bird to fly away

giving it its freedom

open your hands and allow that sense of yourself
but the feeling level whichever way it’s appearing
allow it to fly away

release it

from its imaginary boundaries

so that you no longer are an empty vessel

but the fullness the wholeness of being
in the totality

so if you have any questions anything that you would like to explore
please make sure you unmute your mic
you’re welcome to turn on your video if you care

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