Understanding and dealing with frustration?

Magdi Badawy, 05-12-2022

Hello everyone hello nathan holger
hello esther george grace
malcolm holly
lovely to be with you

so from presence as presence
you are undefined

you have no form no shape
no size

as reality you are infinite

when you breathe it is the
universe which is breathing
through you

when you hear it is the universe that is

there is no limited personal reality
there is no person to comfort

with no person to heal

that is your direct pure experience

but that may not be your belief system
in your feeling system
which may be layers of thoughts

the direct pointing is reality
pointing directly to itself
from itself to itself

everything else is second hand

so in imagining yourself to be a secondhand character
a third or fourth generation
ask yourself what is it that perceives

in this moment right now

is it the body mind that perceives

what is my reality in this moment
is it a personal a structure
that is made out of memories and images
and recollections

what sort of structure is necessary in this moment
to be to perceive

can i navigate thought
the limited process of thinking
to come upon the ocean of freedom
love and beauty

how many millions of thoughts and experiences
and mind states do i need to
know myself as this
aware presence right now

how far back in time do i need to travel
or how far forward in the future do i need
to travel to

awaken to presence to being in this moment

how many hurdles do i need to overcome
how many problems i need to solve
how many attainments do i need to attain
to come now to freedom

or is the causeless freedom
causeless peace available right now in this
moment of being being not knowing not in the past
not in time

we have been playing the game of being somebody
somebody to be respected to be honored
somebody to be loved

this sense of personal self
which is given so much importance
what is it

what is this a sense of personal self
what is it made of
what is it that we are defending
getting irritated

can we can we see through this
this process of make belief

make believe that i am somebody
that you have to honor me and respect me

what is this other
make believe myself
make believe another

it’s a dramatic play
that we
choreograph and play

and then we we throw in the spice
with we add to the mix the feelings emotions

it’s very exciting this way
because then you feel it
it stings
there’s there’s something in this sting
in this spice

that’s sort of exciting isn’t it

to be irate
to feel the juices pumping through the body

face getting red
the fists
the shoulders
the neck and
the belly getting all hot

and then the barrage of thoughts
how how dare they
do this
to me

we get a sense of self definition
personal power

it’s such an ancient pattern
has been repeating itself
throughout the cultures

now it’s our turn to play
this roll of a personal entity

it’s fascinating isn’t it

we want the world to respond to our
unspoken conditions and demands

the universe should know better
than bypass my senior

then we want to lash out
get them down where they belong

not yet caught in the spider’s web
can we then let the spider come and
bite us bite right through our sense of self

can we experience
whatever appears to us

with a interest

and interested
is pure
it is an open interest

where moment by moment
we are discovered
we are uncovered unveiled

truly not know

not to know anything

present in being
that which we are
we already are already is
nothing lacking

no need to define yourself in any way

because you are the totality

rather the root and the trunk the branches and the leaves

we don’t need to beat around the bush

go straight to amness i am
you will find it
it finds itself

not as an object not as
a form
a particular form

but as being borderless
universal being
edgeless being
not some concept
not an image
not an idea

you go from being a so-called particular wave
to your true being which is the ocean

as the ocean
infinite waves

but each wave is
reality is true of its essence is our
universal being

every cell of your being
every aspect of your being
is this universality

every ray of sunshine
points to the sun

it’s called sunshine
the sun shining

when you look at the sunshine
you see the sun

whenever you refer to i you’re referring
to god’s being

because in every self there is god’s self

back in every ray of sunshine there is the sun

don’t confuse yourself to be anything else

so be open
remain open to the mystery

because god is mysterious

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