Satsang on Love & Happiness with Magdi

Magdi Badawy, 07-04-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So welcome your experience as it is
without any need to define it
or categorize it in any way
to simply be open.

Like a newborn.
Noticing the breath,
whatever the sensations
are appearing to you.

There is a stillness,
a causeless peace.

Which is the heart of silence.
The loudest sound
is this silence,
this stillness.

This alive, aware emptiness.
The aliveness of awareness.

So we invite ourself
to relax more and more
into this formlessness,
into this awareness.

Like a leaf that falls off
the branch of a tree
and floats in the space.

You are the leaf and you are the space.
Notice the sweetness,
the gentleness of the breath.

It goes on mostly unnoticed.

Awareness as well
seems to be unnoticed.
And yet,
whenever you turn your attention
to it, it’s there.

Peaceful, tranquil, undisturbed.

And this awareness is
our very being,
our reality,
our essence.

Which knows itself.

I know myself to be this
transparent awareness,
invisible to the senses.

The reality which perceives,
in which knows it perceives.
And knows that it is.

And it knows that
that which is cannot not be.

And this awareness
we speak of is you,
what we refer to as
this ordinary mind,
this ordinary awareness.

It’s you.
there are no borders,
no edges
to awareness,
the reality which perceives.
It is freedom.

There is no opposition
when it comes to awareness.

It’s an open field,

That which
neither appears
nor disappears.

And you are that.

The mind is a movement.
It is the movement of consciousness.
The creative aspect,
the play,

It is this borderless awareness,
this one reality,
which plays the game of ignorance,
creates the sense of separation,
sensations within the body mind,
creates the belief
that it is limited and personal.

And in so doing,
it seemingly reduces itself
from this infinite,
borderless vastness
to an impression of personal self.

With personal issues
and personal goals.
These personal goals are simply one goal:
to understand the game
and recognize yourself,
as the one Self,
the only Self.

Reality recognizing itself.
Seeing through the entire structure
of the separate me.

While consciousness
is creating and playing
the game of personhood,
it is also viewing it.

The sensations which appear,
seemingly to you as a personal entity
are in fact appearing to you as awareness.

Because you cannot be other
than what you truly are.

And consciousness realizing itself
in the game of ignorance and awakening
shifts the game from a bittersweet game
to a blissful one.

Because in the absence of this impression
of being limited and mortal,
in the absence of the impression
that you exist in time and space,
it is freedom, it is understanding,
the end of seeking,
the end of personal wishes.

The slate is swept clean.
Happiness is our true nature,
happiness meaning nothing lacking.

So you invite yourself
to live as this borderless presence,
rather than a personal identity.

Because you are not separate
from the universe.
You are the reality
of the world and of the body,
and the reality of the mind.

You are the choreographer.
Not a personal player.

You create the set.
You create the play.
You control the show.

There is no reality outside of yourself.

So you can explore living as that,
whichever way works for you.
It’s the exploration that matters,
not the succeeding or failing.

Once light of understanding
breaks through the belief structure
and the illusion of separation,
there is a domino effect.

Because once you see through
that you are not that which you perceive,
once you’re getting a glimpse
that you are the perceiving aspect
– nonphenomenal –
ignorance is fatally wounded.

So, if you have any questions,
anything that you would like to explore,
make sure you unmute yourself
and you’re welcome to raise your hand.

So any questions?

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