Who is the thinker? Is there a thinker of thought?

Magdi Badawy, 06-03-2024

Hello, everyone

Lovely to see you
and to be together
to be together as the same reality
the same awareness
the same consciousness
sharing this beautiful dream
of humanity world, body, mind
inviting ourselves to the understanding
that we are one

We are this one reality
This formless awareness
this beauty
this magnificence
awakening and understanding
that there is one reality

That this body mind activity
is our play
our creation
our exploration
our contemplation

There are infinite world body minds
but one reality
And ‘I’, refers to this one reality

So we invite our entire being
to recognize and to rest
in this open awareness
to float, to be free

To recognize its freedom
So there is a sort of realignment
of the body mind
with this profound
silent presence

No personal intention
Nothing being pursued

Because the recognition of yourself
as this formless presence is sufficient

This presence is impersonal
There is no ownership

As a result of this understanding
there is a profound relaxation

Life is a sort of a flow
There is no separation

Nothing at stake
There’s no danger

And your sense of being
expands in all directions

You are no longer here
and not there
rather, you are
everywhere and nowhere

The entire universe
is your being

Thoughts appear to you
they appear from you
You being the universal beingness
You, being this ordinary reality

Which is infinite creativity

The world is revealed to you
all its shapes
colors and sounds
an extension of the senses

revealed to you
without any separation

You take on the form of the sky
and the ocean, the wind, sunshine
without any separation

You appear to be in the world
but in fact the world is in you

You, this wondrous

We are the thinker of all thoughts
The one perceiver

Separate perceivers are just a belief
not an experience
We never actually experience separation
Although we may believe that we do
and feel that we do
it’s just an interpretation
mental interpretation

Because in this moment and every moment
you are not two
Nothing is apart from yourself

So as we let go of the belief of separation
Everything is revealed to me as one reality

There is no personal thinker
because in this moment,
that which perceives
a thought
a sensation
is this borderless awareness

Not a personal perceiver
Not a personal thinker

All power belongs to the source
It is from the source
which is not a manifestation
that all manifestations arise.

So our experience of
what we refer to as our personal experience
our experience of world body mind
arises from the source
and is known, perceived, created
and simultaneously perceived by you
The source.

You are only one
there is only one ‘I’
one real you
‘I’ refers to one consciousness
It is so

So we do not perceive problems
perceiving problems belongs to the wrong narrative
the wrong model
that of being a personal subject
a personal entity.

But recognizing ourselves
as this amazing consciousness
Consciousnesses recognizing itself
as this formless presence

In this recognition
there are no problems
But due to Our ignorance of our true nature
we are habituated to problems.

But we go directly to no problems
It’s all settled
All is well

Done deal, yes!
The past is released.

Our imaginary hold
our stubborn habitual hold on the past
is released in that understanding
and our interest is in truth
in living truth
in being truth.

When you look for a personal thinker
you only find thoughts and beliefs
The personal thinker is a belief
The personal doer is a belief.

But wherever we look
we don’t find it
We only find the belief.

The belief comes hand in hand with the feeling
The feeling of being limited
of being a personal decider and doer.

But that feeling is just an appearance
in the spaciousness of awareness
You see? Aha!

No issues
Nothing to worry about
Nothing to fix.

All is well
in God’s kingdom
our kingdom.

All is well

So if you have any questions,
anything that you would like to explore,
make sure you unmute yourself.
Any questions?

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