The revelation of Universal beingness: I AM

Magdi Badawy, 06-16-2024

Hello, everyone.

Lovely to to see you and to be with you.
A reminder that we’ll start this meeting
with a guided meditation
followed with questions.

So you are welcome to
either close your eyes
or turn your gaze inward,
until you find this quiet place.

And allow yourself to sink
deeper and deeper into presence.

Presence does not require any effort.

So you can suspend
the past and the future.
Simply be.

We are so used to activity.
So habituated to ongoing doing.

So initially,
the invitation to simply be
rather than doing something
may seem to be an odd thing to do.

That awareness or presence
is not something we do.
It is that which we are,
that which is.

So just for the duration of this meeting,
you can suspend the seeking mind.
Dive in the ocean of not knowing.
Which is the ocean of effortless awareness.

The ocean of being,
which is the amness,
the I am,
which is formless and borderless.

Like the wide open sky,
infinite, eternal.

In being and as being,
there is no personal identity.

In the absence of personal identity,
awareness is
and the personal identity
is simply a passing impression
arising within that which is eternal.

So you can relax your body mind.

Allow yourself to float
in the spaciousness of not knowing.
Allow yourself to expand
in all possible directions.

So that everything which appears to you
is contained within you,
appears to you,
appears out of you,
but you do not appear.

Because you are this formless
invisible awareness.
Not something you imagine yourself to be,
not something you feel yourself to be.

You are not a narrative in time and space.
You are not a historical event.
The images on the screen
appear to you,
but they do not define you.

There is freedom in being undefined,
in pure being.

Pure being is borderless.
It embraces and touches everything.

You are the cosmic awareness,
the universal awareness,
the light,
the intelligence,
the wisdom,
the knowingness
at the core of everything.

You conceive,
you perceive,
you understand.

The magnificence of understanding
awakening to awareness.
Awareness awakening to itself,
reveals the I am and dissolves
the I am this, and not that.

Dissolves the I am somebody,
or I am someone.
And reveals that I am
nowhere and everywhere.

That entire universe is my being.
The cosmos is my body.

There is nothing which is not myself.
There is nowhere where I am not.

So we can relax the contractions
within our body mind,
the contractions which maintain
the impression that I am limited.

The impressions that maintain
the sense of danger
or the sense of lack
or the sense of incompleteness.

We do not battle with our experience.
We simply release it in the space.

The space of awareness, which we are.
We hold on to nothing.
Why hold on to anything?
Why limit yourself
by holding onto something
while you are everything?
There is a deep relaxation
in letting go, letting be.

Allowing the divine
to take care of its creation.

There is nothing that you do,
and yet the body inhales and exhales
effortlessly and naturally.

The heartbeat,
the wounds of the body,
the gravitational field,
the atmosphere around the Earth,
which is part of the survival of
the human organism
and animal organisms
and other forms.

It is all happening
without you needing to do anything,
without your doing anything.
Your business is to awaken
from the impression of separation,
to awaken from the sense of limitation,
to free yourself from unhappiness,
and the negative emotions
which haunt us.

Our business is to awaken
to the understanding about truth,
about consciousness.

And we have all it takes:
I know I am.

You do not need to define this amness.

Because the definitions
are mind activities
and the mind cannot define,
cannot know
that which knows it.

That which is perceived
does not perceive.

You are the perceiver in this you,
in this moment right now.
It is beyond any doubt.

Is invisible to the senses,
knows it is and knows it perceives.

You are this knowingness.
Not a dream character,
not a storyline.

It is the understanding
about your true nature,
about your true self,
which liberates you.

From the illusion,
the illusion of separation,
the me belief,
the me story.

So that order is restored.

So, if you have any questions,
anything that you would like to explore?

Photo by Paris Bilal on Unsplash

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