Is there a physical reality out there?

Magdi Badawy, 06-15-2024


So let’s welcome our experience
as it appears to us

Notice that whatever you perceive
appears to you
within the spaciousness
of awareness.

Hearing this voice
Sensations within your body
The light shining through the window
The breath.

Notice the effortlessness
The silence
The stillness.

Everything appears
within this silent stillness.

Which remains undisturbed.

It is a sort of formless
unconditional openness
borderless awareness.

No gates
no borders
no barriers.

It is as if everything
we experience
everything we perceive
is intimate with this
borderless awareness.

Thoughts which appear to us
are not separate from
the awareness of them.

And there is no personal doer
One could say that doing is universal
Universal happenings.

What we refer to as our life
is in fact a universal happening.

We experience ourselves
as being separate from the world
simply because we believe it to be so.

But in the absence
of such a belief
it’s just sunshine
the singing of the birds
thoughts appearing to you
in the absence of the belief
that you are a material entity.

In the complete absence
of the belief that you’re a person
existing in time and space.

And the mind is wordless

We cannot conceive or perceive
anything ‘out there’
because in the stillness of presence
what is the significance of ‘out there’?
What is the reality of ‘out there’?

The separation between
this so called me and an outside world
is fictitious.

we never experience an outside world.

there are names and labels
Nama rupa [name and form]
which is not a problem.

This conceptual distinction
does not imply duality
it does not imply separation.

It is the belief in separation
which implies separation
The belief that you
– meaning the reality which right now
hears these words –

meaning this aware presence
which knows it is
and knows it is aware.

The belief that you are born
and is bound to die
That is what separation refers to
what duality refers to
what unhappiness
misery, fear, worries, and concerns refer to,

We are rooted in that belief
but you never experience anything ‘out there’

You don’t experience a mountain out there
The reality of the mountain is I am
your very being
which is God’s being
which is the universal being.

The reality of the mountain
the reality of the river
is consciousness.

If the river was truly separate
from consciousness
we would never be talking about a river.

If we were truly separate
we would never be together here
understanding, sharing
and exploring together.

There are infinite shades of colors
infinite nuances
but one reality.

With the limited human eye
we perceive such a narrow field of perception
which is sufficient for the functioning
and survival of the human organism.

But we should not mistake that
which is perceived through
the limited body mind organism
to be the totality.

In fact, the white light is made out of
infinite shades of colors.

We say white light
but in fact it is colorless.

We say blue sky
but in fact there is no color to the sky.

Everything that is perceived
has a relative aspect to it
in relation to the instrument of perception.

But that which is absolute
is this invisible aware presence
which you are
which is aware that is aware.

I am aware that I am
I’m aware that I am aware
And this awareness
has no beginning and no ending.

It’s not a male or female awareness
It doesn’t belong to somebody
It’s an open field.

Things, thoughts, perceptions
appear and disappear
within awareness
but awareness always is

Time does not apply
to consciousness.

It’s only relevant
in the field of perception and mind.

But when you’re contemplating truth
you’re contemplating reality
you’re contemplating the source
you find yourself beyond
the images on the screen.
You find yourself as this restful
aware Presence.

And you find yourself
expanded and expanding
Beyond any limits.

And your experience shifts from
I am this and not that

To: I am neither this nor that
and: I am all of this and all of that, without exception.

The mind comes to rest
in this understanding
the body is gently released
from its contractions.

Contractions which are rooted in
the belief that I am a mortal entity
Judgments of oneself and others
dissolve and are released
They are no longer of interest.

The World is our body
and the Universe is our mind

We are this fullness awareness
this fullness presence
awakening to itself.

So if you have any questions
anything you would like to explore
make sure you unmute yourself

Any questions?

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