What happens to the soul when you die?

Magdi Badawy, 06-09-2024

Lovely to to see you,
to be with you,


So we welcome,
welcome ourself,
we welcome each other
as one and the same,
the same consciousness,
the same reality,
the same isness,
the same being,
same beingness,
which is this oneness,
this love,
this intimacy.

Our true self is this ocean, the ocean
of love,
of being,
of bliss,
of peace,
of happiness,
without any separation.
Everything we experience,
we experience as this intimacy.

And so we relax in this presence,
which is peace,
the causeless peace.

There is no reality to personal problems
because there is no reality
to a separate person in your experience.

Because your experience is not a storyline.
There is a world body mind,
but they are images
on the screen of consciousness.

The reality of your experience
is that seamless, borderless, eternal presence,
which has no beginning, no ending.

You perceive beginning and ending,
the beginning of the day,
the end of the day,
the beginning of the night,
but you never perceive your beginning and ending,
the beginning and ending of the reality which perceives,
which knows itself to be a formless self.

As consciousness,
there is nothing we are seeking.
There’s nothing which is lacking, missing.

We have been so habituated
to believe ourself and know ourself
as a limited person,
a man, a woman, somebody,
somebody in time and space,
so I be treated to seeking and avoiding,
fearing, protecting.

It becomes sort of an instinctive way of being.

So we invite ourselves to a new understanding.
The understanding about that which is beyond the mind.
The understanding about that which
is not a narrative in time,
a me-story.

It’s a sort of profound relaxation,
profound one could say
letting go or acceptance or a non-doing.

We may even say an undoing,
because all is done in God’s kingdom,
just as it needs to be,
as it should be.

It is always available to us.
This borderless awareness,
this formless, invisible awareness.
Always at hand.

We don’t need to go anywhere
to realize that awareness is real,
and that everything refers to awareness.

Sometimes we say simply
be without being anybody or anything.
Allow being recognized
being being recognizing itself.

It’s a silent understanding.

Sometimes there is a question
that is being raised:
what happens to the soul when I die?
Where does it go?

Because this question has been raised,
explore it for a minute.
It’s important to be clear about the language we use.
So one could ask oneself,
what is a soul,
without referring to a belief,
without referring to some download
which we’ve registered in memory.
Experientially, what is it?

Are we referring to consciousness?
Because consciousness is experiential.
Awareness is experiential.
In this moment, I am conscious and I’m conscious.
I’m aware that I’m aware,
and I’m aware that I’m hearing, perceiving, sensing.

Are we here referring to some
imaginary entity or imaginary thing,
imaginary other reality
besides consciousness,
which inhabits the body mind,
there would be imagination, wouldn’t it?

So maybe the question is,
what happens to consciousness when I die?

It’s important to be clear
that by consciousness
we refer to the reality that right now
perceives this perception.

That which is and knows it is.
That which is aware and knows it is aware.

So what happens to awareness
or consciousness when I die?

Then the question arises, what is this I?
That dies, referring to the body?

Because the body is not I,
the body is a form,
a perception,
a sensation,
a realm of sensation,
the realm of mentation.

Are we referring to I as the body?
Important question.

My perceived sensation,
bodily sensations,
we perceive a toothache.
Perceive the breath,
gentle movement of the body.

I am the perceiving element,
the perceiving aspect,
not that which is perceived.

I am not limited by that which I perceive.
Is it the body that perceives?
Or is it consciousness which perceives?
What is I?
Is I the body mind instrument?

Or is I this formless, magical awareness?

One could say the body dies,
but does consciousness die?

What would be the experience
of consciousness dying?

Awareness, being aware of non awareness.

To keep these questions alive,
until they revealed the understanding,
in the understanding the questions dissolve.

We speak of death as if we know
what we are talking about.

If we really knew what death is..
That means we’ve already experienced death.
Because why would we talk of something
we don’t have any experience of?

Maybe we speak of death
because we already know death.
Because in every moment one could say
that birth and death meet.

Like waves on the surface of the ocean.
Constantly morphing movement
within the stillness of the ocean.
The movement of the world,
of the body and the mind
within the Ocean of consciousness,
which does not move.

So when we talk of birth and death,
are we talking about the Shakti aspect of Shiva?
The manifestation aspect of the unmanifest.

Not to be confused with I die.

Because I is the noumenal reality
which is and knows it is.

As you stabilize yourself in this understanding,
as this understanding stabilizes itself within your being,
you will be free of the impression of birth and death.

That veil will be lifted.
And this veil is not a real veil,
because reality is consciousness.
The veil is just the dance of consciousness.
Consciousness veiling itself,
God veiling itself from herself to herself,
from itself to itself.
You veil yourself from yourself.

Via the belief that you are a mother or a father,
a son or a daughter, a person.

A veil which is unnecessary,
because consciousness shines effortlessly.
And is inviting you to your own recognition,
invites itself to its own recognition.

So we say yes.

Image Source:
Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash

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