Is consciousness a program in your brain?

Magdi Badawy, 05-26-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to see you.

So we can go directly to awareness.
The reality of awareness,
the fact of awareness,
this magical awareness.

The vastness,
the formlessness, and
the aliveness.

Awareness stands on its own.
Does not require anything.
Everything refers to awareness.
Every experience you’re having
in this moment refers to awareness,
any thought which appears to you,
any memory,
any sensation,
any question,
any perception
refers to this invisible,
invisible awareness,
this aware presence.

One could say that our prime
primordial experience is awareness.
Our primal experience is awareness.

And, in fact, there is no other experience.
It’s no other reality.
Anything that you get hold of
and squeeze it and squeeze it
until it dissolves in your hand.
What remains is awareness.

Even the absence of
a phenomenal experience
refers to awareness,
being aware of the absence
of phenomenal experience.

And the presence of
any phenomenal experience
refers to awareness,
being aware of the perception,
the thought,
the sensation.

There’s no reality whatsoever
outside of the reality of consciousness.
We can imagine other realities.
We can believe in other realities,
but our imagination and our beliefs
are made out of awareness,
are made out of consciousness.

All rivers and all streams
flow to the ocean.
As they reach the ocean,
they become the ocean.

But even as they’re flowing towards the ocean,
their reality is the same reality as the ocean,
the same substance: water.

The sense of personal self,
the reality of that sense of personal self
is universal self,
universal consciousness.

Your reality is this formless knowingness.

It is uncreated
beyond creation,
beyond conditions,
beyond causality.

Form, the impression of form
arises out of this formless presence
because it is magical.

Like hearing or speaking,
these words,
or sensing the heartbeat.

The infinite forms,
like in your night dream,
the infinite forms
of the waking state
arise out of the formless
conceiver, and perceiver.

It is not the other way around.
Awareness does not arise
out of any phenomenal activity.
Phenomenal activity arises
within awareness
and is known by awareness.
reality does not arise
out of the phenomenal activity
of the brain or the world.

The brain activity and the world
is your creation.

But as you believe
that you are a separate self,
as you believe that you are phenomenal,
as you believe that you are
mother, father, son, daughter,
you are perceiving yourself
as material,
as phenomenon.

You’re perceiving your reality
as being brain activity or body mind activity.
For no good whatsoever.
It’s a useless download, a useless belief.

On the other hand,
one could say it’s just a game we’re playing.
What is the use of any game that we’re playing?
Just the fun, the joy of playing.

So as long as you’re enjoying
the game that you’re playing,
why should there be any objection?

If you enjoy the game of being somebody
with a past and a future,
with past regrets and sorrows
and future hopes and ambitions,
so be it.

This is why it is sometimes said
that there are no mistakes in reality.
It’s all perfect as it is.
And if you’re unhappy with your unhappiness,
then you explore the way out of this unhappiness.

Sooner or later, you realize that
being a son or a daughter,
being a personal body mind is unhappy,
and it is a belief,
it is a costume that you put on every day
without realizing that you are putting it on.

What is it that suffers?
Is it not the person?

Because the reality
which hears these words right now,
the reality which knows it is
that formless awareness
does not suffer.

Consciousness does not suffer.
The stream that’s making its way
towards the ocean is just flowing,
follows the riverbed.

There’s no issue
because the stream knows itself to be water.
I’m not going anywhere,
I already am that.
I am that.
The home that I am seeking is my very self.

I am water.
I’m just flowing, gurgling.
For no reason whatsoever.
Maybe for the joy of it.

So we live our life
for the joy of it.
We flow,
we gurgle,
we sing,
for the joy of it.

Because we know we already are that,
we are the ocean,
we are water,
we are consciousness,
we are awareness.

We’re not female or male body mind.
We’re not flesh and bones
or atoms and molecules dancing.

We conceive and perceive
every moment,
every instant,

The mind makes a narrative.
We like the narratives,
so we make narratives.
We entertain narratives.

But the narrative is just a narrative:
Look at me,
I am a mighty river.

Look at me.,
I’m a small stream in the the Rhondack Mountains.
Look at me,
I am the Nile river.

Because in reality, it is water.
We are the water.

So beneath the costume
that you are wearing,
what are you
in this moment,
in this moment,
in this moment.

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