The laws of happiness

Happiness means complete fulfillment
in this moment.

Anything that is lacking in this moment
is simply a mind activity.

Magdi Badawy, 04-13-2024

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to see you.

A reminder that there will be a brief guided meditation
which will be followed by questions, conversation.

And this meeting is recorded for the new, people.
If you need the recording, please share your email with Holger,
who is, attending with us here in the chat box.

So if you can invite yourself to this,
place of silence within you,
a quiet place within you.

And welcome your experience
just as it presents itself moment by moment.

The intention is simply to welcome
an effortless welcoming, a loving welcoming
without an interest in
attaining any state
or fixing our experience
or improving ourself,
no intention.

Allow whatever thoughts appear to you
to appear whichever way they are appearing
without engaging in them.

Without trying to figure anything out.

And if you find yourself engaging in a thought,
there is no need for you to judge yourself for that.
Simply notice it and return to presence.

The mind may wonder,
there may be thoughts appearing to you.

But as you allow the thoughts to be just as they are,
there is a relaxation.

Same thing with bodily sensations:
As long as you are sitting comfortably,
whatever bodily sensations appear to you,
if you simply give them all the space they need
to appear whichever way they’re appearing to you,
you will find yourself more and more relaxed,
more and more at Peace.

Because peace is always available to us.

Usually, it’s in the background
of mind activities.

So we invite the background of peace to come to the foreground.

And you will notice the activities of the body and of the mind,
they relax, they release in that new foreground.

Everything which appears to you
appears within the spaciousness of awareness,
which is often overlooked.

There is a habit to focus on the senses.
But here we’re inviting our self to rest as awareness,
which is the space within which everything appears to you.

It is from this formless position,
that form is perceived.

Every thought
appears within that formlessness.

Every perception,
every sensation
appears within this formless awareness.

Everything which appears to you:

… are a flow
within you,
within awareness.

Like the stream of this voice
is a flow within you.
You, meaning awareness.

The flow is constantly changing
like the flow of a river, of a stream.

constantly changing.

But awareness is changeless,
like the wide open sky
and the clouds
flowing by,
changing in shape, in size,
but the wide open sky is changeless.
Awareness is changeless.


What we refer to as reality, is changeless.
That in your experience, which
does not come and go,
the unmanifest aspect of your experience,
is this awareness
which we all share,
which we all know as I,
I perceive.

This I is awareness.
The changeless aspect,
the reality aspect of your experience
is changeless.

And it is invisible to the senses.
You can perceive the sky,
you can perceive a tree in the yard,
but you cannot perceive with the senses
the reality which perceives,
nor can you deny.

There is one reality.

Infinite thoughts,
infinite perceptions,
infinite forms,
like the branches on the tree,
branches of different size
and different shape, different thickness.
But there is one tree,
this one essence.

And this one reality is your reality.
The reality of consciousness, of awareness.

And this one reality being the one and only
lacks nothing.

How could it lack anything
being the only reality there is?

It’s important to not only understand the words,
but to realize the experience
that you are this one reality.

There is only one consciousness.
We never experience any other consciousness,
but this one consciousness.

And this consciousness is
our reality,
our essence.

You should come to the deep understanding of that,
the experiential understanding,
that there is no duality.

Although there are infinite perceptions,
they refer to the same reality.

Although there are infinite waves
on the surface of the ocean,
they refer to the same ocean.

Although although there are infinite rays of sunshine,
they refer to the same sun, the same light.

In your experience you are that reality.

Not the form that you perceive,
not the thoughts that you perceive,
not the memories that you perceive,
not the bodily sensations that you perceive.
The reality is that which right now in this moment perceives.

The experiential understanding of this when reality
is the experience of peace and happiness.

meaning the complete absence of the sense of lack.

The complete absence of the sense of lack.

There is a path
to this understanding.
There is a path to happiness, which is
the path of understanding, and
the path of surrender,
the path of love.

The understanding is that
I am not that which appears and disappears.
I am the perceiving aspect.
I am the knowingness.
I am the awareness.
I Am the nominal aspect and not the phenomenal aspect.

And the understanding that
I am the creator and the perceiver in one.
I conceive, create, and perceive every instant.

That which I perceive is not separate from my reality.

The world-body-mind are real as consciousness,
like the waves and the currents in the ocean
are real as the ocean, as water.

And the understanding that this awareness,
this reality is non phenomenal, meaning it is universal.

Time and space unfold within it
but it does not unfold in time and space.

When we are living of this understanding
life provides us infinite opportunities
to establish ourself in that understanding
and to free the body from its habits of reactivity,
because the body has a tendency to react
as a result of many years of conditioning;
we all know that.

This body can be freed from this conditioning
when we live this understanding.
Which is the path of

In the midst of activity
to realize the stillness
and become familiar with the
stillness in the midst of activity.

So that happiness is no longer limited
to your meditation time, but is available to you
throughout your life.
In the midst of relationships,
in the midst of work.

The body may resist out of old habits,
but we do not resist the resistance of the body.

And by not resisting the resistance of the body,
the resistance of the body relaxes,
because it is not meeting any opposition.

Trusting being

Happiness means complete fulfillment in this moment.
Anything that is lacking in this moment is simply a mind activity.

Mind activity may lead to the impression
that there is something missing this moment,
something lacking,
and may get the juices flowing
to seek and pursue.

So it is essential to see through this mind activity,
this old habit, the old personal self habit.

The old me-habit, which is

To have an inner discrimination – Viveka –
the inner discrimination between that which is nonsense
and the thoughts that make sense,
such as the thought it’s time for me to cook dinner,
feed the body;
practical thoughts,
loving thoughts,
contemplative thoughts,
celebratory thoughts,
creative thoughts,
which do not have the quality of the sense of lack and fear,
which do not arise from the me-belief and the me-narrative.
Life presents you with many opportunities.

So there can be activity on the surface
and non activity at the core.

The balance.

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