Relaxed and Awake

Hello, everyone.
Lovely to be with you.

So just a reminder that this meeting will start
with a brief, guided meditation, then we can,
engage in whatever questions you may want
to engage in.

So just sit comfortably and,
welcome yourself,
welcome your experience.

Whatever is appearing to you,
whichever way it is appearing,
there’s nothing that you need to do.

No objective, no goal.
We’re not trying to improve our experience
or reach any particular mind state.

Simply relax, into being, into presence.
Enjoy being,
an open welcoming.

Our true self, our reality is like the wide open sky,
effortless beingness; the complete, effortless availability.

You are this aware presence.
Invisible, to the senses.

Always available,
available to itself.

Always knowing.
Knowing that it is
and knowing that it perceives.

And there is no separate entity anywhere,
who is doing anything,
or to whom things are happening.

That is simply a false identification.
An old inherited belief.
That has rooted itself in our feeling state.

Allow things to be as they are,
whatever is appearing to you.
Let it be in the wide open space of awareness:
Sensations in the body,
it’s a universal movement,
which is appearing to you,
a cosmic dance in a way.

And nothing is happening to you –
the knowing aspect, the awareness.

Because you are not on the screen.
You are not inside the narrative.
The narrative appears to you.

When you contemplate your reality,
it is reality which is contemplating itself.

Meaning, the universe is contemplating itself
and recognizing itself as the one and only reality.

And everything that appears to you is made out of you.
Like, in your night dreams, everything that you experience
is your own, creation, and simultaneously,
you witness your creation.

Similarly, in this moment, in the so called waking state,
you are that invisible creator, a perceiver in one.

And that which creates and perceives
is not created nor perceived.

That is the freedom of the Self, your freedom.
So invite yourself to this recognition.
Be available.
Let it permeate your being.

Relax your hold,
wherever you perceive a hold.
Let it be.
Release it.
Let it dance.
Let it flow.
Let it be free.

Because freedom is relaxation.
It’s the true nature of things, to be unbound.
Musical notes in the space.

There is a harmony in not doing, no effort.
The harmony of the breath, of the heartbeat.
The sun, shining through the window.
The harmony of being, the universal symphony.

The mind can relax in not knowing,
being carried by the wind.

And you are the wind,
and you are the stillness;
the movement and the non movement.

There is no on-off button to awareness.

There is no on and off switch
to awareness, to consciousness.
It is beyond duality,
beyond wisdom and ignorance.

Always awake.
Always aware.
Effortless awareness.

It’s nothing you need to do to hear these words here.
They are effortlessly perceived.

When the body gets warm,
the warmth of the body is effortlessly sensed.
When a breeze comes through the open window,
it is effortlessly sensed.

A thought appears to you,
like the breeze appears to you through the window.

You perceive the thought in the same manner,
in the same place, that you perceive the breeze,
this formless, borderless awareness.

Which is nonphenomenal.
Does not have an on-off switch,
has no beginning or ending.

Thoughts have a beginning and an ending.
Bodies have a beginning and an ending.
The personal stories and personal narratives
have a beginning and an ending.

A memory appears and disappears
within that which neither appears nor disappears.

And that which neither appears nor disappears is I.
Not, a particular body-mind-entity,
but the true I,
the I which always is and has never not been.

And it is that which recognizes itself.
I recognize myself as this transparent, aware, awake presence.

We are available for this recognition.

Be effortless.

The cosmic music,
The cosmic vibration.

Being effortless is harmonious with the cosmic realm.

Photo by Bella Pisani on Unsplash.

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