What is peace?

Magdi Badawy, 02-01-2024

Hello, everyone.
Very lovely to be,
and to be with you,
to be with oneself.

Oneself as the only self.

Which knows no separation.

So welcome yourself.
Without any conditions.

Allowing things to be as they appear.
No resistance.
No direction.

A sort of embrace, a free fall in Being.

Awareness is borderless;

Thoughts may appear to you,
they may contain a certain narrative about you,
but it’s a false narrative.

Because you are before the narrative.

Any ideas and images you have about yourself
are a falsehood.

Waves on the surface of the ocean.
They have no significance of their own
outside of the ocean.

When you dive in the ocean,
there is Peace.

But when you try to fix the waves,
the mind is disturbed, conflicted.

The ocean is the ocean of Being,
not being somebody who’s trying to fix things,
but effortless being.

And you are that.

One of the main attributes of being is peace;
no conflict,
no opposition,
no issues.

Sometimes, referred to in Sanskrit as Turiya,
or the Sat Chit Ananda,
or the background of what we experience,
or the gap, which is not, a gap.

Sometimes referred to as harmony, universal harmony.

A non movement.
At the heart of all movement is this non movement,
which is our reality,
what we truly are.

The peace is not disturbed by events in the world,
or in the body,
or in the mind.

All world-body-mind events find their true home in this Peace.

So you can relax,
surrender all resistance,
relax the mind,
invited to be not knowing.

Because in being not knowing, we are open.
There is no position which we are taking.

You are like the wide open sky;
complete availability.

And life unfolds within this Peace
within this inner, imperturbable tranquility.

Like a dream.
But you know yourself as
that which dreams this dream
and is not in the dream.

You know yourself as
the creator and the perceiver.
As creation and perception.

quite mysterious, to the mind.

Which is quite exciting,
the mystery of creation.

On the surface, there is activity
while in fact, there is no activity;
and Peace permeates both.

Sometimes, the mind believes
that Peace arises out of it,
that Peace is a result of certain activities,
or certain thoughts,
or certain behaviors.

Because the mind has no access to that which knows it.
It is an island onto itself;
but the island exists in a vast ocean,
that surrounds it.

So the understanding
about your True Nature is crucial.

The understanding about totality,
about the wholeness,
about your universality,
your reality,
your transparency
is essential.

Which is the key to the kingdom,
which is never hidden.

Or one could say, it’s hidden in plain sight.

You are the key and the kingdom.

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