The screen of Awareness

Magdi Badawy, 12-24-2023

Hello, everyone.

So just for the duration of this meeting,
let’s suspend the past.
Meaning: simply come to presence.
Let things be as they are,
whichever way that is.
Be not knowing.

Without any concern,
without any direction.
Like a leaf in the wind;
doing nothing.
And yet what a sweet dance.

The heartbeat,
the gentle breath;
barely noticed,
and yet always happening.

Let the past be the past;
and simply be.

The sun shines effortlessly.
In the sunshine, the body feels warm.
On a winter day, it feels cold.
So simple.

The heart is always open;
even when the mind is in turmoil,
the heart is open,

Calling us,
inviting us
to the love,
to the peace,
to the friendship,
to the compassion.

We are compassionate with ourself.
This effortless, loving presence is love, is compassion.

Whatever thoughts appear to you,
let them be as they are.

Everything which passes passes,
but you don’t pass.
You, whatever it is which right now truly is,
It truly perceives, truly understands and knows.

The being aspect,
the knowing aspect,
That does not pass.

Bodies appear and disappear.
The world is constantly changing.
Family, friends, relationships.

God’s dance;
images on the screen.

So we recognize the movement.
Being universal consciousness movement.
God’s movement.

We smile.
There is a smile in understanding.
The understanding that all is well.

The heart is unmoved.
Never shuts,
never closes.

We watch the world, and we watch the body-mind,
with the eyes of compassion.
Passion for everything and everyone.

This universal embrace,
which embraces everyone and everything equally.

The year is about to pass.
Years pass one after the other.

Our love deepens.
Our understanding deepens.
Our life changes in subtle ways
because we are open without conditions.

We’re not resisting and arguing.
And when things change our way,
our concerns about my personal self relax over time,
as we understand that this separate me is in fact the universal self.

one self,
one reality,
which is a source of love and beauty.
Not so much about self improvement.

But a love which extends beyond any borders.
Love does not know any borders.

As presence,
as awareness,
we are not grasping,
we are not separating.

Me and not me.
I am this, but I am not that.
All these imaginary separations,
our illusory mind-stuff.
Because your reality is one, one reality.

Your being is your body, and your body is your being.
Not a physical, material, quantitative being,
but a formless, borderless being.

Which is formless and yet
forms arise out of it, within it;
without any separation.
Like wavelets arise out of the ocean,
from the ocean to the ocean,
within the ocean, without any separation.

So in our understanding,
we go deeper than
the understanding about the body-mind,
the understanding about phenomena.

We got the understanding about understanding itself.
The understanding that I is understanding.

I is this understanding,
this formless presence which is and knows it is.

This understanding is effortless,
like listening to a symphony effortlessly;
the rhythm, the notes,
the beauty of the sounds of the music comes to us,
reveals the joy of experience
and the joy of understanding.

The screen, the awareness is always on;
whether there are perceptions or not,
awareness is aware that it is aware.

You are aware that you are aware;
you are this formless awareness,
aware that it is aware.

You do not need to identify with a body-mind,
a male body, a female body; it is not necessary.

For the body to breathe, for the functioning of the body
and the functioning of the universe, all that is taken care of.

You do not need to assume yourself to be a mother
in order to be a mother or a father in order to be a father.

Your body-mind knows that it is a mother or father.

So can we be
without any identification,
without any limits.

Not to label yourself in any way,
not to limit yourself in any way,
simply to be not knowing about what you are.

I am and I know that I am, is sufficient.

There is no need to put on a straight jacket upon being.

Freely the wind blows.
The sound of the bird travels across the space.
The sun shines effortlessly, everywhere.

No need to hide.

Like innocent children, running in the field.
Playful, joyful.
Such simplicity and beauty.
Pure love.

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