Nothing you need to do

Magdi Badawy, 11-24-2023

Welcome, everybody.
Lovely to see you and lovely to be with you.

So if we could Invite ourself to rest,
without knowing,
without objective,
without a destination,
without a goal;
because it’s already achieved.

The goal is already achieved.
You are this presence.

There is nothing you need to do
in order to be, not to be somebody.
There is no need to be somebody.

It’s simply being itself.
It’s already a done deal.

So welcome yourself as this effortless,
aware presence.

There are no borders with you.
No borders to consciousness, to awareness.

Allow things to be as they are.

The mind gently comes to rest.

No activity is necessary right now.
Let the universe do what it’s doing.
It’s doing it anyway, whatever that is that it’s doing.

The breath.
The Universe breathing.
The Universe hearing.

The Universe universing in infinite ways.
A dog barking in the distance.
And yet there is no distance.

When we are,
this not knowing presence,
the mind appears to you;
appears to you as images,
thoughts, sensations.

Like the glitter of the rays of sun
on the surface of the pond.

Or the gurgle of the stream;
a gentle flow,
appearing within I;
this non movement,
this formless presence, which you are.

As this invisible, formless, aware presence,
there is nothing you need to do,
and yet nothing is done without you.

Waves are made out of water,
their substance is Water.
There are no waves without water.

There are no experiences or appearances
without consciousness awareness.

The freedom of Creation.

On the phenomenal level
everything that needs to take place
takes place:

Sunrising, sunset.
Inhalation, exhalation.
Hunger and satiation of hunger.

Is there any need for a worry
or for some personal concern?

What are we defending?
What are we protecting?

As consciousness we are that
borderless reality, formless self,
which is total and complete;
not segmented,
not in time,
not progressing.

Nothing is happening to you.

The path may seem to take you
from place to place,
but you are the destination,
you are already that which you seek.

Which is not some personal experience
or certain mind state. No!

You are not seeking an image on the screen
or a specific event, which, like all events,
have a beginning and an ending.

You are looking for that which has
no beginning, no ending.

What is it in your experience right now?
Which is not in time.
Is it not this transparent awareness?

Which you cannot find in memory or in thought.
It is that to which, within which, thought appears,
memory appears, the sensation appears.

You are that screen.
Everything appears
within you and to you
and out of you.

You! Not some object or some form.

What is it in your experience right now
which is not an object, not a form,
and yet it’s undeniable?

You don’t need to refer to yourself
in any phenomenal material way.

So you can turn your attention
to sensations within your body,
within your being.

The sensation of your back against
the chair or the couch,
or your feet on the ground.

And allow in these sensations to expand
in the space of awareness,
to float whichever way they do.

Drop the concept of feet
and concept of ground.

Drop the concept of a couch or chair against your back.
Simply go to the sensation without any labels,
without anything.

Do nothing.

There is a hum and the mind says it is a computer fan.
What is this hum without the mind saying anything?

What is the sensation of your belly, or your face
without the mind saying anything?

The last shield of
being not knowing.

Even those words are too much.

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