Freedom from Time and Identification

Magdi Badawy, 11-19-2023

Hello everybody.

So when we come together and meet
the way we we do,
there is nothing you need to do.

It is sufficient to just be,
without knowing.

A meeting which is not of the mind.

We never leave our true nature.

So I recognize I
not as something perceived,
but as “not knowing”.

without any limitations.

Being without any ground to stand on.
Nothing to hold on to.

Because there is no need to hold on to anything.
And there is nothing which is separate from you,
that you could hold on to.

The mind appears to you as thoughts and
sensations, memories, beliefs.
Images on the screen.

You do not need to identify yourself
with anything which appears to you.

To remain not knowing.
Because in and as not knowing there is no separation.
No issues, no conflicts.
Nothing to trouble you.

Like the wide open sky.
We are that.
Borderless beingness.

Sometimes we have the impression
that we need to safeguard, protect our identity.

We seem to be unable, unwilling,
and seemingly incapable of
being without some form of identification.

The impression of time,
the past and the future.

Thoughts about what may happen to me?
What may happen to my family, to my tribe.

Everybody is your family, your tribe
as this same beingness.

In ignorance we pick and choose.
We make judgmental distinctions.

We resist and we reject
some part of our experience,
in favor of something else.

We separate our self from ourself
by imagining that the other is somebody else
than our very being.

But we don’t exist in time and space.
That which appears to us is in time and space.

The world which appears to you,
the body.

But to you,
the reality which perceives right now,
do not appear.
Neither in time nor in space.
You never do.

Whenever you imagine yourself to be in time and space,
you feed the illusion of separation.

You experience the sense of limitation and lack,
and the thorn of mortality:
worry and concern, depression.

The spectral of separation haunts you.

Believing ourselves to exist in time and space,
we erroneously seek happiness in time and space.
In events, in mind states,
in fulfillment of personal desires, in relationships.

The happiness that you perceive is not the happiness that you are,
is not the true happiness,
because anything that you perceive that you experience
is an image on the screen, is not the screen itself.

The screen is invisible to the senses,
invisible to the mind.
Nothing that you can hold on to.

What is this “you” that is seeking something
to achieve to attain, to get, to hold onto.
What is this “you” right now?

Is that something you perceive or you conceive of?
Is that something you remember?
Is that something you perceive, you feel?
What is I?

We cannot find the answer in the mind,
since the mind only perceives objects.
Actually, the mind does not perceive.

Your mind is a form that you perceive,
such as forms and sensations.

Yet we have a deep sense of I.
We all do.

I perceive,
I am,
I know that I am.

Does that ever go anywhere?
Have you ever taken a look at I am and not found it right there,
at the core of your being.
Have you ever taken a look at awareness and not found it right there.
This ordinary aware, presence.

What is it that troubles us?
A stream of thoughts, perceptions, sensations, memories, beliefs…
Is that the trouble?

The body constantly changing from moment to moment;
inseparable from the entire universe.
Whichever form it takes, it is not separate from the universe.

Is that what troubles us?

What seems to be unfolding in the body?
Or is it our thoughts, which appear to us…
out of where… out of the cosmos?

Out of the totality, none of which are our own.
Is that the trouble?

And we remain open, not knowing.
The world unfolding as it is unfolding.
The human mind, thoughts, and sensations.

Which is the universal mind.
Because my mind is not separate from the universe.
How could it be?

Your mind is not separate from the universe
from my mind.

It is only one flow,
like a beehive.
Different bees, performing different functions.
Some are miles away from the queen
and others are side by side with the queen,
making sure the queen is comfortable.

It’s one hive.
And there is the understanding about beauty,
the understanding about love.
This precious understanding.

This magical revelation of our true self,
as this perfume of love and beauty, compassion, truth.
God’s wisdom.

This magical glimpse,
which reveals to us that we are this love,
we are this one reality,
this understanding which liberates the mind from all prejudices,
enlightens the mind.

Reveals the peace.
In compassion.

Which is a passion for everything and everyone.

This precious understanding which can become our guide.
Living without personal identification,
without judgment and resistance.

So we become a voice,
even when we are silent,
for Friendship and peace and Love.

Because we all love Love.

So the worrying mind, the mind of concern
is freed from the impression of being in time.

And it is blessed by the understanding that
being is not an activity of mind.

That being is our essential nature.


Simple, joyous.

This ordinary awareness,
which does not belong to any person
because there are no real persons anywhere
outside of mentation and mind stuff.

This ordinary awareness is I.
Universe beingness.

Untouched, unaffected by unending world-body-mind events.

So we invite ourself
to this understanding.

Because we are that understanding.
The invitation is received the moment it is offered.

It is fulfilled
the moment it is presented.

The heart understands.
It may take some time for the mind to get on board.
So don’t be concerned.

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