How do I live Peace, Love and Beauty?

Magdi Badawy, 10-19-2023


So allow yourself to simply be
for the duration of this meeting.

Invite yourself to “be not knowing”.

Somehow to connect with that,
which we all have in common.

Beyond the mind,
beyond our history, our conditioning.

This place where there is no separation
between me and you.

And this place is love.

Our non dual reality.

In love there is no resistance,
no argumentation, no opposition.

This waking dream is about the peace.
An opportunity for us to go deeper,
beyond our history.

Our past,
our conditioned responses.

We are one truth in reality;
this seamless ocean.
The ocean of being.

Not being somebody,
separate and limited.

No worries, no concerns.

Being embraced and embracing.
Everyone and everything,
without knowing,
without conditions.

We love freedom.
We love truth.
We love love itself.
We love understanding.

They are available to us;
it is our true nature,
our reality.

But somehow we choose
the confusion of the mind,
which separates me from you.

But me and you are the same substance.

This invisible presence,
which cannot be hurt,
which cannot be killed.

The reality which is and receives this moment.

Everything else appears and disappears,
comes and goes.
But that which you are,
that which I am,
does not come and go.

When we recognize
That which recognizes

with compassion,
so beautiful.

This open heart.
The gateless gate of the heart.

The surrender of your
thoughts and beliefs
and sensations.

It is openness,
which is always available to us.

We are this borderless presence,
not some mortal entity.

The body is mortal,
but you are not the body.

Yet it is a precious gift, this body.

A tool of celebration.
A tool of contemplation.
And a tool for us to express our love,
to express our friendship.

To take care of each other.
We’ll help each other.
To be available for each other,
in whichever way we can.

Life provides us many opportunities.
To release and relax,
our beliefs, our opinions,
judgments, our negative emotions.

There is nothing beautiful,
that arises out of the sense of separation.

So we take a look at that.
Is my essence different from your essence.

Am I a male form or a female form?
Is that what I truly am.

Am I an image which appears on the screen.
Am I a bundle of thoughts, and memories,
images, sensations.

Or am I this formless aware presence;
invisible to the eye, and yet undeniable.
Take a look.

Can you perceive without going
through the conditioned mind.
which says I am this and not that,
I am a son, daughter, mother, father.
I am somebody.
American and French and Chinese.
Can you know yourself without this conditioned channel?

At the heart of the silence,
what are you?

What is your experience when the mind is utterly still.
We don’t cease to exist.
You may cease to be somebody,
as the mind is utterly still silent.

But you remain.

The reality which perceives this moment
does not reside in the mind.

The mind appears to it,
but it does not appear
in the mind to the mind.

All is well.

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